The question that bothered Ernestina Pais in LAM: “I promise not to come back”

Ernestine Country was as a guest angel in JUSTICE (America TV) and He couldn’t hide his discomfort when asked about his relationship with his sister, Federica.

After airing the birthday greetings they sent to Nazarene Velez his sisters for his birthday, Ángel de Brito asked each of his panelists if they had blood relatives and how they got along with them.

The question that angered Ernestina Pais

“How are you with your sister, who were always shooting at each other? Well?” Angel asked Ernestina. “Well… What a sudden question!”the journalist limited herself to saying at first, notably not wanting to talk about it. “I consider that the fights of brothers are unimputable,” she added. “We’re not doing well lately then…” the driver analyzed.

We are fine. But we’re very different, that’s the point. It is not a point of fight or confrontation but in the difference in the way we face life. We grew up very close together, we have a very dramatic history that each one lived in a different way. Tragedies are very strong in a family and do not pass easily. When there is a tragedy involved, do not underestimate the relationship of brothers“Pais explained about the link with Federica.

It is worth mentioning that the father of the Pais sisters, Jose Miguel Paismilitant of the ERP (People’s Revolutionary Army) and architect who disappeared during the last civic-military dictatorship.

In the middle of the debate, Fernanda Iglesias said: “I don’t understand people who fight with their brothers. I can’t understand it, it doesn’t enter my head.” In turn, De Brito intervened with a direct question for Ernestina: “Do you feel that it is the tragedy that separated them, or the consequences? I remembered when they did a program together.”

“That’s why it’s weird for me to be asked ‘how are you getting along’. We did a show together. I do feel that a tragedy in a family, such as the disappearance of a parent, clearly sometimes puts you in different places than how you react. in the face of that tragedy,” answered Ernestina, already irritated. “There was always the myth that they were fighting,” insisted Fernanda Iglesias. “I ask the same question again, how many of you worked with your brothers? I worked with my sister, it means that we were not fighting. I had a lot of fun, we put on a great show. Suddenly I have to smoke what they think of a situation with her. Zero tension. I will not comment on my sister“The driver complained.

After this tense moment, they changed the subject and after a few minutes, Ángel asked Ernestina if she had felt bad about what had happened. without mediating words, the communicator burst into tears and shook her head.

As if that were not enough, at the end of the program Ángel shot: “This week we have little angels for a day, not weekly. Ernestina is today, only today, luckily“. Continuing with the irony of the back and forth, Pais retorted: “I promise not to come again.” “Never again, it’s a mutual promise that we make. We’re going to see each other in bars but not on this show,” De Brito closed. Although the climate in the program was tense, Ernestina clarified that everything she said was humorous.


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