The reason why Marcela Tauro was not previously in charge of driving “Intruders”

Marcela Taurus She is one of the most iconic journalists in the Argentine media and one of her most emblematic programs, without a doubt, was “Intruders”, where she had some live altercations with Jorge Rial.

For many years Marcela Taurus She was away from this América TV program, precisely because of Jorge Rial, since she became her staunch enemy after the journalist doubted the sources of Flor de la V’s colleague in said space dedicated to the world of entertainment.

Taurus’ driving opened a debate on the networks, although many viewers agreed that it was well deserved.

However, since Flor de la V returned to this cycle, it was impressive to know that Marcela Taurus She would be one of the star panelists on América TV. Although at first it was all pink, some news in the media confirmed that the relationship between the two stars was not as good as speculated.

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