The reason why Princess Leonor is forced to leave Mallorca

The Princess Eleanor will be forced to leave Palma de Mallorca in the next few days. In fact, the holidays of the heiress to the throne are going to be reduced considerably. It is possible that for Leonor they are this is your last shortest summer vacationsince there is a reason that prevails over the rest.

Princess Leonor and her trip to the Balearic Islands

With several cultural tours, international trips, official inns, and style changes, the heiress to the throne of Spain has come back to homeland after successfully completing the first year at UWC Atlantic College. She has had an evident evolution from adolescent to young adult, and was in Mallorca on an official trip, which unfortunately for her, will last little longer.

According to ‘Vanitatis’, it is very likely that Princess Leonor and the royal family will have to leave Palma de Mallorca soon. It will surely end in the middle of next week, and will begin the days of private rest with an unknown whereabouts, just a few days before August 26, which is the date that his international study center has chosen to return to to study. That will be the first batch of children to enter, and the second will be missing, which they will do on August 30. Throughout this wide range of dates, Leonor could be fully reincorporated into her usual school routine.

The reason why Princess Leonor is forced to leave Mallorca

Princess Eleanor’s busy schedule

One of the reasons why we sensed that Princess Leonor’s schedule of activities had intensified since June 25, when she reappeared in national territory to fulfill a meeting she had with the UNICEF organization and other assistance she had to a performance by the dancer and choreographer María Pagés in Madrid. Right after this, he moved with his parents Felipe and Letizia and the Infanta Sofía to Palma de Mallorca..

Despite all this, we cannot forget the stellar performance she had when she presided over the Princess of Girona Awards in the first days of July, together with her sister Sofía. In addition, they visited the principality to be able to visit the Dalinde Figueres Museum and join a youth meeting. Her initiative came from the Foundation whose patronage organizes the award inherent to her title. Later she was one of her great stagings in the city of Barcelona, ​​where she looked like never before. There she had a beautiful light blue dress to match her eyes and with an updo and makeup a little more marked than normal, and perfect for this special occasion.

Without a doubt, Princess Leonor takes some very special moments from her last trip to Spain and, surely, she will treasure until we can see her again. The next time we can see her on national territory will surely be on October 28, for the autumn holidays. By that date, he will be able to celebrate his 17th birthday, and possibly he will preside over the Princess of Asturias awards.

The oath

The crown princess, Leonor, when she reaches her majority, will take an oath to faithfully carry out her duties and uphold the Constitution and the laws in order to respect the rights of citizens and autonomous communities, as the King has done. This is stipulated in article 61.2 of the Constitution. On October 31, 2023, Leonor de Borbón y Ortiz, Princess of Asturias and heiress to the Crown, will turn 18, thus reaching the age of majority. The only precedent dates back to the age of 26, and is that of his father Felipe de Borbón y Grecia, who did so in the Cortes Generales, which were presided over at that time by Gregorio Peces-Barba, on January 30, 1986. If they followed the same pattern, only one month in advance, that is, at the end of 2023, it would be appropriate for the Minister of Justice, who is responsible for the Civil Registry of the Royal Family, to accredit the reach of the age of majority of she. The minister can also issue said certification on his own initiative or at the request of the President of the Government. It may also be that the president of the Congress of Deputies, in his capacity as president of the joint session of the plenary sessions of the Congress and Senate meeting in the General Courts, who could make the request for such certification to the Government, but if so, it could be to imply a certain negligence or a clear lack of diligence in taking some pertinent measures so that this constitutional provision would be fulfilled.

From the certification issued by the Minister of Justice, it would be appropriate for the President of the Government to propose to the Council of Ministers the agreement to transfer the above to the Cortes Generales. Princess Eleanor’s oath would then have to be on October 31.

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