The Red Bull empire and the ashes of Forbes, united on an island in Fiji

meThe surname of businessman Malcolm Forbes has gone down in history as a synonym for the reference index of the rich among the rich, yes those who enjoy, without it usually transcending, the paradises that make us dream and about which we speak so knowledgeably in this section. This is the famous Forbes list, which BC Forbes, Malcolm’s father, began to make personally. in 1918. That time when the surnames Rockefeller, Carnegie, Frick, Morgan and Astor dominated the top positions. Malcom inherited from his father a small communication empire that he knew how to enlarge and his lucrative hobby for making lists of wealthy people. He also developed his own tastes. Passionate about ballooning and motorcycle travel, he had the poison of adventure and collecting inside. He hoarded all kinds of possessions, from the first Monopoly in history to the largest collection of Fabergé Eggs in the hands of an individual, including his famous figures of tin soldiers. One of his most prized possessions was an island he acquired in Fiji in 1972, Laucala. He arranged that in her, where he had been so happy, his ashes would be buried at his death, with the following epitaph: “While Alife, He Lived”. Expression that in a rather free translation and in nothing typical of the obituaries that the international press dedicated to him, he would come to say. “He lived to the fullest.”

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The most enjoying millionaire in the history of capitalism was also extremely generous. In his will he also provided for extra pay for his 750 employees on the occasion of his death and the forgiveness of all loans granted to his workers up to a maximum of $10,000. When he bought Laucala, the small Melanesian island of 12 square kilometers, it was inhabited, something quite unusual in a transaction of this type. He personally took it upon himself to improve the living conditions of the local population, build houses and schools and give them training.

On the death of the famous publisher, in 1990, his heirs decided to put most of his possessions up for sale, including Laucala. In 2003 it is acquired by the Austrian businessman Dietrich Mateschitz, one of the two founding partners of the Red Bull energy drink empire. A great self-made millionaire, who to continue with our famous index, currently occupies number 51 of the world’s great fortunes. ($24 billion). Mateschitz made it her personal haven, as Forbes had already done, though he greatly upgraded his facility and kept it away from the press, which he is so averse to. Until in 2010 and he decides to turn it into an ultra-luxury resort and shows it to the world.

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For almost a decade, the energy drinks kingpin was in charge of completely overturning the old infrastructures and austere dependencies built by the communication tycoon. His idea has been to create a simply idyllic place incapable of having a rival and without losing an iota of exclusivity. Twenty-five dream villas accommodate a maximum of 80 guests, mostly Germans, English and Australians. And of course famous people and millionaires from all over the world. Oprah Winfrey enjoyed her Christmas vacation here a few years ago and Elle Macpherson rented the entire resort in 2016 to celebrate her wedding there. Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and his wife honeymooned here a year earlier. The island has beaches, meadows and even cliffs exclusively available to guests of one of its villas (from around 4,500 euros per night). With some 385 employees for a maximum of 80 guests, it is the hotel in the world with the highest ratio per client and the third most expensive for the average price of its villas.

The attractions of Laucala exceed those of postcard paradises that can be seen in its extraordinary images. With five restaurants, its gastronomic offer is first class, nothing to envy Ikarusthe one that the energy drink tycoon owns in Salzburg, in his famous Hangar 7. So far he has brought his obsession with self-sufficiency, sustainability and the product of the day. In addition to everything imaginable in terms of service and corners of exceptional beauty, it has a spectacular golf course designed by the Scotsman David McLay Kidd. Its holes 5 and 12, with incredible views of the ocean, are among the most beautiful in the world. And its marina is worthy of a James Bond movie. It has a two-seater Deep Flight Super Falcon mini-submarine, practically impossible to find in another hotel. And as if all this were not enough, Dietrich decided last December to give the management of his super resort to the Singapore group COMO, a reference in luxury hospitality, with jewels in its collection such as Parrot Cay, Maalifushi or Uma Paro. Does anyone give more?

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Again few tips on today’s destination, where there is no other choice but to go there if one can afford it and enjoy one of those unforgettable trips. Unlike other super resorts in the Seychelles, Maldives or the Caribbean, Laucala is distinguished for being a perfect little paradise for the restless rich, Let’s say, those who go to Eden to sweat the shirt and who share the active spirit of both Malcom Forbes and Dietrich Mateschitz. Of course, it’s a pity to go all the way down to play sweet without doing anything at the edge of the sea, as wonderful as its waters and sand are. Although it is especially popular on honeymoon trips for the “happy few”, it is a paradise to go with teenagers or friends (equally well-off, of course). Because in Lauca you can do almost anything: golf, diving, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, tennis, walks on horseback and dives in his 007-style mini-submarine. As far as COMO is concerned, we are simply facing one of the reference brands of luxury hospitality, with a very, very strong focus on its concept wellness. For calmer spirits, Como Shambala Estate in Bali is simply a dream and a world reference among those wellness retreats where you can go and come back totally refreshed. Another authentic paradise to which we can’t wait to return.

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