The Renault Fuego celebrated its 40th anniversary of manufacture in Argentina

The iconic model manufactured in Santa Isabel celebrated 40 years since the beginning of its production in Argentina. Detail of the celebrations carried out by Renault with several surprises.

On July 25, the Renault Fuego fulfilled 40 years since the beginning of its local manufacture in the Cordovan plant of Santa Isabel. To celebrate it as it should, the diamond brand held an intimate celebration that was attended by the greatest exponents of the golden age of local motorsports, taking into account the sporting participation of Fuego in the TC2000.

How could it be otherwise, the event was held in the industrial center of Córdoba and was attended by Juan Maria Traverse, former driver and multiple Argentine motoring championY Orestes Bertha, designer, developer and integral constructor of engines and racing cars. Executives from Renault Argentina and the fan clubs of the Renault Fuegothat exhibited some units in an admirable state of conservation.

Thus, during the meeting “el Flaco” and “el Mago” shared a panel moderated by the journalist specialized in motoring, Raul Barcelo, who in turn was the narrator of the remembered feat of Traverso in which he became champion of the TC2000 in 1988 at the wheel of his Renault Fuego engulfed in flames.

Renault Fire 40 years

The panel was completed with the participation of Paul Sibillapresident and CEO of Renault Argentina, who shared his words in commemorative “It is a pride for all of Renault Argentina to be able to pay this tribute to a vehicle that marked an era in the lives of many Argentines. And I am even more excited to be able to do it in our own home, receiving such figures from our country, and enjoying it together with fans and former employees of the factory who worked in that golden age. Undoubtedly, it is an unprecedented experience”, assured the executive.

In turn, Sibilla shared an experience on which the axis of sustainability was worked on, which for Renault is central to its strategy. For this anniversary, it was convened DROPa social professional agency that works with people and creatives with intellectual disabilities that develops projects with innovative approaches-, who were in charge of designing the image of the meeting and a valuable gift.

Renault Fuego 40 years 3

The gift was designed together in a “creative workshop” attended by Sibilla together with Traverso, Marcelo De Carlo, Marketing Director of Renault Argentina, and Fabio Mazia, CCO of Publicis Argentina, the brand’s creative and advertising agency.

Brief history of the Renault Fuego in Argentina

While it had debuted in Europe during the first months of 1980, in Argentina began its local production on July 1, 1982. In a context of opening of imports, which forced the terminals located in the country to renew their product offer to respond to the demands of a more competitive market, Renault made a large investment in its Santa Isabel factory to renew the production line and launch new models, like the fire.

Renault Fuego 40 years 2

Thus, the rearrangement of the local market and the fact of sharing a platform with the Renault 18 were combined in a favorable way so that the Renault Fuego was added to the Cordovan production line, which after 15 years had fired the Torinowith which the new coupé had the difficult task of occupying the space left by the historic Argentine sports car.

In principle, the GTX version was chosen, which used a 2-liter engine similar to that of the Renault 18 but with some modifications such as the double outlet exhaust manifold, which allowed it to increase power to 103 hp and improve performancewithout compromising fuel consumption.

Renault Fuego

Inside, it inherited the board of the sedan from which it was derived, but it differed in details such as the steering wheel and the “petal” type seats, which ensured correct lateral support.

Over time the Renault Fuego was consolidating in the market and adding equipment until in 1987 its performance increased with the arrival of the engine called J6T with 2.2 liters of displacement that delivered 116 CV. In this way, the Renault Fuego reached a maximum speed of 193 km/h and accelerated from zero to one hundred in 9 seconds.

In 1988, the most important cosmetic changes since its launch in 1982 with the brand new version were introduced in the Renault Fuego. GTA. The novelties were embodied in new body-color bumpers, skirting boards and moldings and also the darkened taillights.

Renault Fuego front

With the new version, the Renault Fuego entered the 90’s with a leadership among the vehicles in its segment. This served as a kick to launch the variant GTA Max, which increased the power of the engine to 123 hp, with which the maximum speed was close to 200 km/h. The improved performance was accompanied by some cosmetic changes and innovations in the interior, such as a new steering wheel with greater grip.

Finally, In September 1992, the industrial life of the Renault Fuego came to an end, after 19,952 units were manufactured.. Thus, he left behind more than 10 years of not only commercial success, but also sporting success.

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