The Ritz hotel in Madrid surprises mattress makers with a unique experience

If you are a mattress, this interests you. Atlético de Madrid has reached an agreement with the Mandarin Oriental Ritz Madrid Hotel to offer its fans an unprecedented experience. This includes a club scarf and a shirt signed by your favorite player, a guided tour of the stadium, watching the warm-up from the mythical bench at the level of the pitch, a box, a penalty shot at the end of the match… This experience can contract from the second day of the League.

The hotel Mandarin Oriental Ritz Madrid has decided to surprise the supporters of the rojiblanco club stay in their rooms. In this way, those who book a room From the second day of the League (the match between Atlético de Madrid and Villarreal Club de Fútbol) they will have access to a unprecedented experience until now.

One of the rooms at the Ritz Mandarin Oriental hotel in Madrid.

Scarf and signed t-shirt, guided tour…

Arriving at his room, the client will have a scarf of the club and a shirt signed by your favorite player of Atletico Madrid. Afterwards, once you arrive at the Estadio Civitas Metropolitano to watch the match, you will be greeted by a club guide who will accompany you on a route through the most emblematic spaces, which includes the Historic museum.

Official Atlético de Madrid children's scarf.

Official Atlético de Madrid children’s scarf.

Box and penalty kick

Afterwards, the fan will be able to approach the room through which players enter and see the preliminary warm-up from the bench at grass levelbefore moving on to scenery to see the game. During that time you will have access to the catering box and, once the game is over, you can go down to the pitch and take a penalty.

Francisco García, director of operations at Mandarin Oriental Ritz Madrid explains the reason for this initiative. “From the hotel we constantly look for unique experiences that are linked to the culture and life of the city, since we are an active part of it. We have done it through art, history, gastronomy… but we would not be offering the authentic Madrid if we leave aside the sport and the passion that is lived for one of the most outstanding: football. Doing it together with one of the most important clubs at an international level is a real blessing and we are very happy to work hand in hand with a team that, in addition to being an example of perseverance and self-improvement, is part of Madrid’s identity”.

Facade of the Mandarin Oriental Ritz Madrid.

Facade of the Mandarin Oriental Ritz Madrid.

The prices to enjoy this experience that can be contracted for all the days of the League this season start from 720 euros and varies depending on the parties. For example, for matches of Champions Leagueand depending on who the opponent is, the price moves between the 900 and 1,200 euros per person. These rates include entrance to the game.

Hotel Ritz Mandarin Oriental in Madrid

Hotel Ritz Mandarin Oriental in Madrid

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