The romantic PHOTOS of Princess Leonor on vacation with her boyfriend

Although the royal family’s security team has done everything to prevent the identity of the bride’s boyfriend from being revealed, Princess Leonor, there are rumors that their relationship is becoming closer and that even he already lives with King Felipe and Queen Letizia. So much so that this summer the young man spent a few days with them in Italy.

The royal family took a 15-day private vacation

The royal family of Spain was very active this summer, but there were a few days that we lost sight of them, as they stepped off the public agenda momentarily to take a break from work and relax as a family.

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The first photos of Princess Leonor with her boyfriend. Photo: TikTok

Princess Eleanor invited her boyfriend to family vacations

And it seems that they chose the coasts of Italy to take that well-deserved rest, aboard a yacht, on loan from a family friend, who would also have invited Princess Leonor’s new boyfriend.

The princess of Asturias is seen as in love with her boyfriend

In social networks The first photos of the young man accompanying Princess Leonor during her vacation are already circulating. They also show how He helps Felipe’s daughter with her luggage, while he smiles at her and kisses her tenderly.

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Princess Leonor's boyfriend accompanies her on her vacation
Princess Leonor’s boyfriend accompanies her on her vacations. Photo: TikTok

Who is the new boyfriend of Princess Eleanor?

According to foreign media, Leonor’s boyfriend is a young man of American and Brazilian nationalitywith a dark complexion and curly hair, whose name has not yet been discovered, but it is believed that he is the same age as her.

The royal family protects the identity of Leonor’s young boyfriend

So far the Royal House of Spain remains silent on the romance of Princess Eleanor, but the media could soon reveal the full identity of the young man who stole her heart princess eleanorWell, the tabloids have offered a large amount of money for the rest of the images. So maybe we’ll know more about the boy soon.

Princess Eleanor's boyfriend
Princess Eleanor’s boyfriend. Photo: TikTok

They put a very high price on the images of the kiss between Leonor and her boyfriend

“The image of the future queen of Spain hand in hand with her alleged boyfriend giving each other a kiss on vacation private is currently the most desired snapshot and for which astronomical figures could be paid. They are not the amounts of before, but I would value the report at 100,000 euros”, revealed a photojournalist, Diego Arrabal, to the newspaper El Jaleo.

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