The rudeness of Ariel Rodríguez Palacios to Ricardo Montaner

Ariel Rodriguez Palacios he made a rudeness to Ricardo Montaner. Is that the musician contacted him to ask him to cook for his birthday and the chef rejected the proposal.

This Friday JUSTICE (America) began with an enigmatic: a chef who had rejected an international star. After providing a few clues, they revealed that it was the cook from Ariel in her sauce (phone) and the jury of The Argentine Voice (phone).

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Fernanda Iglesias provided more information about the rudeness: “He told her ‘I don’t do that’”. And he added: “I didn’t even know who Montaner was. He doesn’t know anyone from the show business, lives in his world, is a millionaire and has a cooking school”.

By way of closing, he clarified that it was not an exchange, since the interpreter of “I’m going to miss you” told him that he was going to pay him. Anyway, they didn’t get to talk about numbers because the cook did not accept.

Rumors of a bad relationship between Mica Viciconte and Ariel Rodríguez Palacios

After Mica Viciconte and Nicolás Peralta joined Ariel in her sauce (phone), the program Ariel Rodríguez Palacios emerged rumors of a strained employment relationship.

Mica Viciconte is part of the panel of "Ariel in her sauce" (Photo: Instagram/micaviciconte).
Mica Viciconte is part of the “Ariel en su salsa” panel (Photo: Instagram / micaviciconte).

Referring to the incorporation of the panelists, Ariel pointed out that the first month had passed very slowly and that the presence of the youngsters in the team had caught his attention.

“The team was surprising. Let’s tell it like it is… they tell you you are going to be with a girl named Mica, which one? nooo! After Nico you say ‘what is this?’. I said that he is a friend of Daniel Gómez Rinaldi. And well… then what touches, touches”, commented the cook.

Mica Viciconte assured that she has a great relationship with Ariel Rodríguez Palacios (Photo: Instagram / micaviciconte).
Mica Viciconte assured that she has a great relationship with Ariel Rodríguez Palacios (Photo: Instagram / micaviciconte).

Far from the controversy, Viciconte denied the version that there was bad vibes in the team and assured that their relationship with the cook it is more than good.

Minimizing what had happened, Mica added: “In a team you have to have chemistry. And the reality is that it was a super nice meeting, relaxed. We were all, of course, a little tense because he’s the driver, we didn’t know when to talk and when not to, and then everything flowed”.

“I have the best relationship and I think that comes across, so sometimes I say, ‘why do you want to dirty me?’”concluded.

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