The silly mistake that can ruin the holidays

Modern diesel engines require a additive based on ammonia, which is responsible for converting the gases of nitrogen oxides from the exhaust into water steam. Its commercial name is Ad Blue, it is mandatory in this type of mechanics since 2015 and stored in a small Deposit which usually has a ability between ten and twenty liters depending on the make and model of car.

The blue ad is consumed over the kilometers and requires replace it when its level drops to Minimum and the warning light that controls it from the control panel comes on. instruments Filling is done through a socket located next to the fuel tank what can be used for pump specific gas stations or do it by hand, using bottles of this product that can be found in automotive stores and service stations.

The cost of Ad Blue, like that of any fuel, it’s not exact and, depending on more demanding conditions of vehicle use (city, mountain…), it can increase with respect to the average values ​​declared by the maker vehicle.

The car stalls and won’t start anymore.

In general, the actual consumption of Ad Blue is between a Y four liters each 1,000 kilometres, depending on the type and power the motor. It’s a small expense which is usually replenished at periodic reviews of the vehicle and causes the driver to trust and end up forgetting this important additive and, most importantly, the impact which causes you to deplete your reserve.

Before leaving on a trip, it is more than recommended check the amount of Ad Blue available. And the reason is that when it is completely consumed, the car will stop suddenly and it will not be possible to return start up. A serious breakdown but one that occurs with a certain frequency by forgetfulness or negligence of the driver and that can ruin a vacation.

The reason for this mechanical failure is that law, diesel cars can only circulate with a gas catalyst system with Ad Blue injection. And if they lack, they are programmed to stop, lock the ignition system and thus avoid running past the limit emissions allowance (80 mg/km NOx according to latest standard Euro6D).

In the instrument panel of the car, a witness warns a long time in advance (1,000 kilometres) that it suits replenish much needed liquid. For all of the above, it is advisable not to rush this Reserve and fill the tank sooner in order to avoid the surprise of being left lying on the road due to absent-mindedness or a Overconfidence, a mishap that may require requesting a tow truck to get out of the way.

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