The surprising video of Susan Sarandon at her almost 76 years that caused a furor in social networks

Susan Sarandon went viral in networks for her rejuvenated appearance

american actress susan sarandonknown for making movies like Dead man Walking, Thelma and Louise Y Stepmother He is causing a sensation for a video of him that circulates on social networks.

The famous villain delighted He appeared in a clip where he can be seen with a beautiful face, in addition to keeping a very young appearance to his 76 years old. The video is only a few seconds long and stylists come out doing her hair.

So far, that small fragment already has 2. 9 million views on Twitterwhile in the comments you can find a contrast of opinions.

Susan Sarandon is one of the consecrated in Hollywood (Photo: Getty Images)

There are those who expressed themselves in a respectful and very kind way about her, putting things like “Impressive. She could exchange it for two of 30 from the catwalks and one of 15 from Disney Channel”; “goddess always”; “How beautiful she is.”

While many others gave their opinion from a different angle, even assuring that some cosmetic surgery had been done. “Very cute but with how many surgeries? She no longer has the same face”; “What pact did he make”; “I want those filters on my face.”

Susan nation the October 4, 1946 In New York. She began to work as an actress until 1970 in small television dramas. Likewise, she was also on Broadway with the play An evening of Richard Nixon.

Susan Sarandon is currently 76 years old (Photo: Getty Images)
Susan Sarandon is currently 76 years old (Photo: Getty Images)

The film that marked his career was the rocky Horror Picture Show, Directed in 1975 by Jim Sherman and starring Susan Sarandon and Tim Curry. However, the role that led her to be recognized was that of Louise, in Thelma and Luisa.

According to the magazine vanity Fair, This film leaves 25 key lessons for life as it marked a before and after in Hollywood cinema. Five of those lessons were: small victories are triumphs, you should never lose your education, women are not rivals, except at the Oscars, fleeing to Mexico never works out and female loyalty moves the world.

And it is that Susan has not only shown to have a wide career in the world of acting, but despite so many years, she still retains her youthful essence, both in her physical appearance and in the way she dresses, since on occasions It shows a very fashionable style.

Susan Sarandon was arrested for a peaceful protest (Photo: Getty Images)
Susan Sarandon was arrested for a peaceful protest (Photo: Getty Images)

Both in her life and in the characters she has played, she is risky, in fact, something that many do not know about her is that she was in jail for her activism in political movements. It was in 1999 that she participated in a peaceful march without knowing what she would expect.

The demonstration was stopped because they demanded respect for the African-American community from the police, since at that time there were still many racial differences and violence.

“If we weren’t here today, then it would mean that what has happened is acceptable and normal, and I think that doesn’t work. I think it’s time to focus on this issue, and racism is not acceptable. I don’t think we have to curtail civil liberties to feel more secure”, were the words he expressed at that sit-in in 1999.


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