The technique used by Gerard Piqué to conquer Clara Chía Marti came to light

Separate of Shakira, Gerard Piqué strengthen your relationship with Clara Chia MartYo. Meanwhile, everyone wants to know how the beginning of this love story was conceived.

to the air of Save mea Spanish television program, the journalist Laura Lago gave some surprising details. “Gerard and Clara met at the music bar of Tuset, La Traviesa, where she was a waitress at the end of 2021 and it was a crush”, he assured.

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In addition, the correspondent slipped that the personality of the young woman would have seduced him to such a level that he decided to lean towards her without hesitation. “A friend of Clara’s tells me. He was hooked. She told him that she is studying PR and Piqué offered her the scholarship at Kosmos”the correspondent said in reference to the soccer player’s company.

Gerard Piqué fell in love after separating from Shakira. (Photo:

Another reason that would have contributed to the relationship going from strength to strength was Clara Chía’s approach to the couples of her teammates in the soccer environment. “she is integrated in the company where friends of Piqué also work. That is one thing that Shakira has never achieved. She has never connected with the other wives of soccer players, “said Lago.

The first photo of Piqué and Clara Chía kissing.  (Photo: instagram/elgordoylaflaca)
The first photo of Piqué and Clara Chía kissing. (Photo: instagram/elgordoylaflaca)

As an example, he said that on August 20 they both attended a wedding where they were very affectionate and that they were the first to leave the place at 11 pm because he had to play the next day. “They speak very well to me about this girl, who had a great time at the wedding without Piqué, who-for her part-she was also having a great time,” he said.

Shakira would be depressed and under psychological treatment after the separation from Gerard Piqué

Jordi Martin is the paparazzi that for 12 years has been closely following Shakira. The journalist gave an interview where he spoke about the present of the Colombian, after separating from Gerard Piquéand assured that is devastated and with psychological treatment.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué were a couple for 12 years.  (Photo: Don Emmert / AFP)
Shakira and Gerard Piqué were a couple for 12 years. (Photo: Don Emmert / AFP)

to the air of America News Noon (America), the journalist said that the singer is “fatal and broken”. “Since the statement was announced, she is depressed. I can say that Shakira has needed psychological treatment, I know it from a very good source. A team of psychologists has come of her trust from Colombia to Barcelona because she has been having a terribly bad time”, he assured.

Jordi pointed out that every time Shakira tries to raise her head, something happens that brings her down again. So he targeted Piqué for break a pactdo things wrong and behave like an immature child.

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