The ten things that flight attendants most hate about passengers during a flight and the “golden rule”

Many times, flying by plane can create situations that make travelers lose controlwhether it’s some discomfort due to a change in schedule, a mishap with another passenger or even an uncomfortable seat along the way. However, more often than not, the focus is on the customer and a few people whose service is vital are overlooked: hostesses and attendants. These crew members are trained to solve most problems on board, but they can also get angry or lose their patience. Magazine Travel+Leisure asked some professionals about the behaviors that most left them on the verge of annoyance in their jobs and this was what they answered.

Andy, whose identity is protected to avoid retaliation, shared some details. “The work is much more than providing a service on board. We are security professionals first and foremost and we are trained to handle emergency situations that can occur at any time,” she told Travel + Leisure

If a passenger wants to be treated like a VIP member, they don’t have to follow any ten-step routine, it just takes one thing, to be nice. “It is the golden rule. If you show me a little respectI will be more than happy to go the extra mile for you and make your flight as enjoyable as possible (…) Syour flight attendants are people tooSo the next time your trips don’t go as planned, come and talk to us because we’ve probably been in a similar situation at some point in our lives and we can try our best to help,” Andy added.

What passengers should avoid during the flight, from the perspective of flight attendantsunsplash

There is more than one attitude of the passengers that annoys the crew, that’s why the magazine posted a question on the Reddit forum to find out the responses from some flight attendants and these were the ten actions they mentioned:

As the flight attendants walk through the aisles, some people rush to touch their arms and make their request, something that can annoy them. “Don’t touch me or move your fingers on my arm. I have a tag with my name on it. ‘Miss’ and ‘excuse me’ also work very well,” stated one person who suggested that using the words is much more effective.

Although they don’t mind passengers ordering drinks, when they do so at boarding it can become complicated, because at that moment crew members have several pending safety tasks. “If you need to take medication, be prepared and get a bottle or drink water before going up,” they recommend.

The crew members propose that, to the extent possible, passengers plan trips to the bathroom so that they do not coincide with the service. “I can’t stand it when passengers get up to go to the bathroom as soon as we’re handing out drinks,” added a flight attendant on the internet forum.

Another of the attitudes that they recommend avoiding is to become fond of the ringing bell on the seat. “If we just took off and the seatbelt sign is still on, we’ll be out soon. Wait five minutes. And if we just finished service, or if you can see we’re doing it a few rows behind you, just wait a minute.”

What passengers should avoid during the flight, from the perspective of flight attendants
What passengers should avoid during the flight, from the perspective of flight attendantsunsplash

Some passengers ask for details of each flight arriving and leaving the airport, but the staff does not always have the information. “We find out about the delay when the passengers do and we can’t control the connections.”

If you have fallen asleep during the hour of service, you must accept that you may have missed the opportunity. “We have about 300 passengers here. doWhy not behave like everyone else?” one crew member wrote.

Some, for not wanting to carry their own bags, ask the stewardesses for help, who also get injured if they carry very heavy items: “I hate when people know that they cannot lift their bags due to injury or any other personal reason. Y they expect flight attendants to place them in the overhead bin”.

Those who fly very long distances need to take a moment to stretch their legs, but the assistants recommend doing it in an appropriate place. “When I’m moving through the aisles doing my job and a passenger is standing there to use the facilities or stretch their legs, don’t act like I’m bothering you when I ask to go through,” said a flight attendant.

“Cutting or filing fingernails and toenails is on the list of hassles for passengers and flight attendants,” said a member of the crew, who asked not to continue with this practice.

What passengers should avoid during the flight, from the perspective of flight attendants
What passengers should avoid during the flight, from the perspective of flight attendantspexels

One of the attitudes that bothers them the most is that people they take a moment to thank the pilot, but not the crew members. “Without recognizing each other or looking each other in the eye, without saying please and thank you. We are people too. Please treat us with respect,” she sentenced.

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