The three destinations in Spain that have not yet hung the ‘complete’ sign this summer


It is a summer with record numbers in terms of hotel occupancy, so we seek refuge in the corners of our geography where latecomers can still escape.

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This is going to be a record summer for the tourism sector, with a level of rreserves close to 100% and in which the Spaniards have continued to bet mainly on visiting national destinations.

Travelers lagging behind when it comes to making reservations are finding that many destinations in the country are almost fully booked and priced significantly higher than in 2019 (+32 per person per night).

Even so, according to data from the reservation website, there are still hotels and apartments available in some destinations in the country, which are very charming and much less crowded. These are some examples:

The Ras Baixas and the Ras Altas

The Galician coastline is an open secret, but it is still a part of our geography without strident tourism. In addition to a place where the landscape and gastronomy are magnificent.

The beauty of the Ras Baixas, with its crazy Atlantic orography, its fishing villages and its collection of lighthouses, continue to make room for the traveler this summer of wild tourism. Just like her sisters, tallwith its mythical beaches like that of the Cathedrals.

To the Galician coast are added some coastal towns of Asturias and Cantabria as perfect destinations for those travelers who want a beach destination, but away from the crowds that can be seen in other places in Spain.

Almera and the warm coast

Likewise, it is still possible to find good deals on the Almería coast, a safe bet for what they enjoy with great contrasts: beaches, cliffs, desert… And what about its natural spaces, such as the Cabo de Gata-Njar Natural Park which is one of the most heavenly corners of our country.

Another destination in which the reservation platform observes vacancies is in the Warm Coast the tourist name of the 250 kilometers of the coast of Murcia. It is undeniable that La Manga is one of the most impressive beaches in Spain and that the Mar Menor still offers one of the most fascinating ecosystems on our coast. But the region also offers historical heritage, culture, an extraordinary orchard…

On the other hand, many beach areas in the Valencian Community, Catalonia or the Balearic Islands have already hung the full sign, something that is explained, in large part, by the popularity enjoyed by these destinations also among international tourists.

inland capitals

The capitals of smaller provinces, particularly those in the center of Spain, such as Salamanca, Valladolid, Just above ToledoThey are an inexpensive destination, with plenty of accommodation still available and with many corners to discover, ideal for a weekend getaway in which to enjoy the culture, history and good gastronomy of these municipalities. Unlike these, the capitals of the autonomous coastal communities, such as Andalusia, have a level of reserves and a much higher price.

And if we want to do a few more kilometers, from they also recommend visiting Andorrathe vermilion coast in the south of France or the french basque coastand the Algarve in Portugal that, although they are outside the national territory, are accessible by road and have fewer visitors.

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