The town of Buenos Aires that amazes for its mountains and you can spend a day connected with nature

With the arrival of the next long weekend, short trips or weekend getaways They are a good tourism option for those who need a break from the routine and get out of the city. In fact, in Buenos Aires a short trip to the outskirts can be enjoyed to fully recover your strength.

The town is Villa Ventana, whose main attraction is Abra de Hinojo, a magical place where you can spend the night in a shelter, look at the stars and feel the full air of nature.

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Abra del Hinojo: how to get there

Crossing the Abra del Hinojo is a natural show in itself, the dirt road winds through the hills and penetrates through the valley where the flora and fauna are in their purest form. There, the presence of the Chaco, Pan de Azcar and Curamalal hills stand out, in addition to the crossing of several streams that descend from the mountains.

Between the mountains runs the Arroyo Hinojo Grande, one of the many watercourses in the region. The place is covered with abundant natural vegetation, where the landscape ends exposing a beautiful mountain view. Even, Along the Abra road, you can access Las Grutas, one of the main points of attraction in Villa Ventana.

To enter it is not necessarily required a vehicle 44, but if the company of a Specialized Guide who knows how to guide you on the route and provide access to the rooms. What I know, to understand the dirt roads and enjoy the outstanding scenic views from the mountain; if a 4×4 is required.

This tourist attraction is located within the Big Circuit to Abra del Hinojo and near the Monolith to the First Argentine Conscription.. It is accessed from Provincial Route 76, a few kilometers after crossing the town of Villa Serrana La Gruta (between Tornquist and Villa Ventana).

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Abra del Hinojo is divided into a small valley in the mountain ranges of Cura Malal and Bravardbetween hills that have names like Agua Blanca, Guanaco and Barrancoso. He rough also, gives its name to the highest Mountain Refuge in the province of Buenos Aires.

The shelter of the rough hill is the cathedral for those who choose to get closer to nature and separate themselves from the world for a few days. The Abra and the hills offer total silence.

The shelter of the spero is at the foot of the hill: It is a huge mountain house with the capacity to accommodate twenty people. There, you can spend the night and share among all the richest meals, accompanied by the heat of the fire.

Cerro Rough is part of the Sierra y Pampa group that advises Marina Monje, which in turn is articulated with the associative groups of Rural TourismRural Exchange of INTA, which created a network of enterprises that enhance the creativity, work, history and natural resources of the inhabitants of the towns that today, with their projects. These are the engine of the recovery of these places that create participatory and sustainable tourism.

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