The Toyota Yaris is modernized and reveals its design

The Toyota Yaris is the model with which the Japanese brand placed a “middle point” between the Etios and the Corolla, a niche where in Argentina it still did not have an exponent and which gave it good results. Now the Yaris prepare your renewal and the first images of the model sold in Thailand were known.

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It’s about the sedan bodythat is, three volumes. While it is not confirmed that the South American -which is manufactured in Brazil- will have a new generation, the images confirm that in the Asian country there will be.

New front image for the Yaris sedan in Asia. Will we see it in Argentina?

known as Yaris ATIVIt will be presented in Asia at the beginning of August to maintain the brand’s presence in the B+ saloon segment. At the moment it is not known if the same modifications will also reach its hatchback brother.

So let you see the pictures, you will have a more launched styleespecially in the rear sector, in addition to a new front grille and LED lighting. The interior was also modernized with a simpler style.

More launched silhouette.
More launched silhouette.

Everything indicates that this new Yaris was developed on the DNGA platformwhich allows maximum use of the interior space by extending its exterior dimensions.

At the moment there is no more official information about it, and it is not known whether in Asia it will maintain the 1.2 engine with which it is marketed, while it is expected that at some point it will begin to offer electrified versions.

In the Argentina We will have to wait to see what happens with the current one, while rumors indicate the possible development of an SUV-type model to attack the B segment.

Simplified interior, with floating screen.
Simplified interior, with floating screen.

Bet on used Toyota

Meanwhile, in Argentina, the brand updated its platform for buying and selling certified used cars, a service that it began offering in 2018 but has now added options. The objective is to increase penetration in the second-hand market, and from now on allow the exchange between consumers (C2C, client to client).

the new platform toyota used ( allows customers to put their Toyota up for sale (other brands are not accepted), as long as less than 200,000 kilometers and a maximum of eight years old. The first thing the customer must do is upload the car data such as year, model, version, mileage and license plate.

Afterwards, a review must be passed that will be carried out at an official dealer, where 150 points are evaluated. Said inspection must be paid for by the clients and It has a cost of $20,000. Once passed, the vehicle becomes certified by the brand. In the event that it does not pass the review, the automaker will tell you what repairs you need and offer them to you.

Passed the review, in addition, the car acquires an additional year or 20,000 km of warranty (whichever occurs first), a term that begins to run from the date of expiration of the original factory warranty. What does that additional year include? Repair or refund of any part found to be defective in material or workmanship (except battery).

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