The train from Bariloche to the Estepa now travels at sunset and changes days

The trip in a formation of the Patagonian Train that departs from Bariloche to the Perito Moreno station, in the heart of the Rionergia Steppe, now It is done with the last rays of the sun, at sunsetwhich allows a better appreciation of the transition landscape through the windows of modern cars.

The tourist trip, which began in mid-July, was conceived as a product for after skiing, that combines landscape and gastronomywith two weekly frequencies at first. But the high demand led to the addition of one more frequencyon Tuesdays, a few weeks ago, and from September it will run one day, so the service will remain on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

The train departs from Bariloche station at 18:15 and arrives at destination at 19:06. For this reason, when the excursion began, in July, night reigned in the mountain range. However, now, with the lengthening of the days and the approach of spring, the schedule allows you to enjoy the landscape with the evening light, adding greater attraction to the 30 kilometer route.

The Perito Moreno station has a Tea Room and a grill. Photo: Archive

Even when getting off the train, which has capacity for 100 passengersThere are still the last rays of the sun to contemplate the immensity of the landscape that surrounds the old station where there is now a Tea House that welcomes passengers with canapés and mulled wine.

Then, the tourists are transferred in front of the tracks, to the grill firmly dominated by Juan Carlos Cárcamo and his son Sebastián, where dinner is served, consisting of an appetizer with empanadas, roast beef and lamb with salads and French fries. as a main course, and for dessert, homemade flan. Vegetarian, vegan and celiac menus are also available.

Roast beef and lamb is offered to tourists who make the excursion by train. There is also a vegan and vegetarian option. File, Archive

At 21:50 the dinner ends and there is time left for after-mealthat also invites you to leave the room -if the temperature allows it- to contemplate the night that, if it is starry, offers an image to retain in memory. Also at that time you can return to the Tea Room to have a coffee, tea or hot chocolate before starting again the return train trip, in the middle of the night, scheduled for 10:30 p.m.with arrival time in Bariloche at 23:21.

The train returns at 10:30 p.m. from the Perito Moreno station to Bariloche, to end the excursion. File, Archive

The cost is 14,000 pesos (includes dinner, not drinks) and a discount of more than 50% is offered for residents of Río Negro (must prove address with DNI when buying the ticket), who pay 6,200 pesos.

Tickets are sold at tourist agencies and at the station.

Information and reservations:
Bariloche Station Ticket Office:

The Patagonian Train leaves at 18:15 from the Bariloche station heading to the steppe. In September the frequencies will be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. File, Archive

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