The two non-negotiable conditions that Gerard Piqué gave Shakira to move to Miami with the couple’s children

Posting of Piqué with Shakira on their social networks, when the couple was going through better times

The controversial separation of Gerard Piqué Y Shakira continues adding media chapters. On this occasion, the information arises after a meeting between the parties, in which the lawyers chosen by the footballer and the artist would have participated. After the breakup of the couple after 12 years of relationship, and the accusations of infidelity that weigh on the defender (which would have been confirmed by the singer by hiring detectives), the negotiation for the division of assets advances and, above all, , the care of the children, Milan and Shasha.

Faced with the harassment by the press suffered in the property in which the entire family lived, Shakira requested the possibility of settling in Miami with the little ones, aged 9 and 7; made before which the central marker in principle refused. But according to the program The hot table (Telemundo)would have changed position and I would be willing to sign the permits, with two non-negotiable conditions.

Which are? To guarantee him five first-class tickets a year to visit and be around the children and a fixed amount of $400,000 to pay off an old debt.. Thus, at least for the moment, Shakira and Piqué would move away, beyond the plan hatched by their parents to try a reconciliation.

In Spain they assure that Gerard would have already broken with the third in discord and would have sought a rapprochement, but everything indicates that until now it has only served to make the separation take place on better terms. However, perhaps in the near future it will meet in the United States. It is that today Piqué ceased to be a priority in Barcelona, ​​despite the fact that he told the coach Xavi Hernández and the president Joan Laporta that he will fight to regain ownership. In the friendly against Real Madrid he was a substitute for Eric García and Christensen (he entered the complement). In addition, the culé cast is looking for more central defenders: it is about to sign Jules Koundé, from Sevilla, and could incorporate two more defenders before closing the squad.

Consequently, the possibility of the 35-year-old defender moving to the intermiamisince he was already tempted at the time by David Beckham. The exposure from the breakup and his nightlife affected his sports career. He even talked about Xavi asking him to lower his profile. And in the aforementioned friendly against Merengue in Las Vegas he suffered harassment from the public, who sided with Shakira in the break, sang her name and booed him every time she touched the ball.

Perhaps a quick settlement of the divorce will dissipate the issue a bit in the media and both can get their lives back on track. As for the separation of property there does not seem to be many doubts. According to celebrity net worth, Shakira would accumulate more than 300 million dollars, from what was produced in her musical career and from advertising. Piqué’s income is large, although lower. His estate would exceed $80 million.based on what he perceived as a Barcelona player and the earnings of Kosmos, his company.

In the time they were together, they bought two properties. One, acquired in 2012, is located in Esplugues de Llobregat, and has a price of 4,800,000 dollars. Then, in 2015, they bought another property near the Camp Nou, the home of the culé team, valued at USD 5.3 million. That is the booty to share, according to Spanish specialists.

Meanwhile, the assets they had before the love bond would be left out of the dispute. On Piqué’s side, his “bachelor house”, which has three floors and is also worth about 5 million dollars. And Shakira, the mansion in Miami, which borders USD 14 million.

There, the artist has all the comforts and luxuries: six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a gym, a swimming pool and a dock that overlooks the bay. In short, she would officially become home to her and the children.


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