The unpublished photo with which Nicolás Cabré greeted Rufina

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The post with which Nicolás Cabré greeted his daughter Rufina on this Children’s Day 2022.

“Beautiful Rufinita. We had talked and I promised that one day we would put a picture together”started typing Nicholas Cabre next to a postcard from when her daughter was just under two years old. “Well, here I am doing something that I never thought I would do. But I also admit that this seems like a nice opportunity to do it”he immediately recognized the actor in the next line.

And to be true to his convictions, the father of Rufina he boasted of showing his daughter without showing her at all. She thus assured: “To share a memory, showing almost without showing, (I lose my hair, not my tricks… haha)”. But the essential thing is that she showed him all her love, by publicly declaring “I love you and I wish the happiest of days, to you, my beautiful companion, the most beautiful in the world, the one who steals my heart every day since day one. I love you, I love you and I love you!!! Thank you for making me the happiest dad in the world.”. Well done Nico!

The most anticipated reunion: Mariano Martínez and Nicolás Cabré and the announcement that drives everyone crazy

After the fury they caused playing the Marquesi brothers two decades ago in the iconic television comedy They are loves on the screen of Thirteen and the countless rumors, also, of the tension -never confirmed- that existed between the two actors, at the beginning of this year Mariano Martinez Y Nicholas Cabre They met again and the idea of ​​doing something together quickly began to germinate.

It is thus that the months passed, until by these hours martinez Y I will fit formally announced from their social networks the return of the successful duo. The truth is that during the last days they have been warming up the ground by publishing different moments of their hilarious joint work that knew how to unleash the fury of the audience.

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“Here I had one of those scenes, in which we all knew where they started, but nobody knew (not even us) where, when, or how they ended. With time and little by little we will relive some of those things that made us laugh” counted I will fit and, of course, the answer of martinez he did not wait celebrating the joint work as a wink.

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Meanwhile, late on Thursday, the current boyfriend of Laura Fernandez uploaded a virtual story in which he pre-announced “In a while we are going to tell something, I hope you like it”. And just a little while later, the surprising but long-awaited double announcement arrived. With a series of three postcards of the actors together and smiling, they finally announced that they will be working together again.

“A new challenge is coming together. Actor and director”told in the post, implying that this project will mark the debut of Nicholas Cabre in the role of director. Meanwhile, it is known that the idea is for the romantic comedy to debut on January 4, 2023 at the Multiteatro, with the production of Thomas Rottenberg Y Juan Manuel Caballe. Now what remains to be known is the title of the work, what it is about and who will accompany Mariano Martinez in the female lead on top of the boards.

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