The unusual moment that Argentines and Uruguayans lived in the Buquebus terminal: “One of the most exciting I’ve seen”

Sometimes the waits before a trip are long. But passengers waiting to enter Buquebus, the river and land transport company that connects Buenos Aires and Montevideo, knew how to make up for the waiting time.

In the Buquebus terminal there are frequent farewells and family reunionsin love, the rush of businessmen in a hurry or of students anxious to go on vacation. But this Sunday an unexpected scene unfolded.

Argentines and Uruguayans rescued a Peppa Pig balloon at the Buquebús terminal.

A children’s cartoon balloon Peppa Pig was isolated on the roofafter a child who was waiting to travel with his family escaped. Meanwhile, between 10 and 20 Uruguayan and Argentine passengers joined the mission to rescue the child’s precious object.

As if it were a football game, although they left aside the competitiveness that characterizes these classics, expectation and tension were present. Everyone was looking at the man who, lifted and supported by other passengers, was trying to reach the thread of the balloon.

The moments before the rescue of Peppa Pig at the Buquebús terminal.

Grabbing it, the terminal filled with applause, shouts and jumps of celebration for success, as they raised the balloon as if it were a trophy. The video went viral and was shared by different accounts on social networks.

Peppa is already lining up here, safe and sound. I wish she would make her little Uruguayan boy very happy, ”a user shared on her Twitter account.

“Peppa is already lining up here, safe and sound,” they posted on the social network.Twitter: @comolawii

The previous moments of planning the rescue of the balloon were also shared. Several men appear planning how to position themselves to reach him. “Grab the table, you”one said. Two of them placed two round tables next to each other and climbed on top of each one, while lifting a third. The rest tried to keep the human pyramid in balance to prevent them from falling.

“It is one of the most exciting rescues I have seen”, “more intense than the last movie of bat Man” or “teamwork in the Silver river” are some of the comments that users posted on the videos.

It also happens, during a long wait before a trip, that the same terminal workers trying to lighten the situation.

The runway worker surprised the passengers with his dance.

A video at Pearson International Airport in Toronto (Canada) went viral due to the occurrences of a runway worker. The passengers were waiting for the plane to take off when they looked out the windows and couldn’t help but be surprised. The employee began to dance, dressed in the typical work suita vest and lights in his hands, while also jumping and doing dance moves.

The spontaneous dancer is called Jahmaul Allen and has been working for 3 years at the Toronto airport. On this occasion, the dance was due to the employee seeing a baby crying from inside the plane and trying to entertain her.

Allen said that he dances with the intention of make takeoff more enjoyable of the passengers and that their movements do not interfere with the development of their work, which is to guide the planes to the main runway.

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