The viral oversight of the actress Cristina Castaño at the airport at the beginning of her vacation

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Right now there are three types of lucky people in Spain: those who are on vacation, those who have already returned from vacation and those who count the days to go on vacation. Others, with much less luck, will not have a day off during the summer. However, we all have in common the distractions typical of the season, although for different reasons: due to fatigue and saturation, due to the heat wave, due to post-holiday syndrome or due to the steps taken prior to making that long-awaited trip.

Bearing this in mind, we may be more benevolent in judging to the actress Cristina Castaño and her huge mistake which he has realized at the same airport and with his luggage already checked. The Galician is the protagonist of series as well known as the one that is coming Y toy boyand is in full promotion of the comedy Caribbean all inclusivein which he shares a cast with Hiba Abouk, Marc Clotet, Alejo Sauras and Terele Pávez, among others.

Castaño has confessed through Twitter that he had bought a flight confusing the days and he went to the airport without realizing the matter, with the intention of getting on the plane and starting his vacation. Even the company’s staff came to check his bags before his bubble was punctured: “I’m one of those kind of people who buys a ticket with the wrong date,” he announced on the social network.

More common than we imagine

Cristina Castaño has continued to explain in her tweet that that kind of people “He realizes at the airport with the suitcase on board, because the one at the counter hasn’t noticed either and has shipped my suitcase“, he specified, concluding with a “very good everything”:

His mistake has not taken long to go viral and raise all kinds of questions, but perhaps this is the one that represents us the most:

And Castaño has answered, of course:

And it is that although it seems to us a very unusual case, it is more common than we think judging by the responses that the actress has had to her tweetwhere other tweeters have also listed their mistakes:

Of course, if before we were represented by the question that the actress was asked about the billing of her suitcase, this comment also deserves a prominent place when bringing up the famous scam:

The story of the actress, at least in appearance, has had a happy ending if we look at the stories that has been uploading to his Instagram from Ibiza, where it seems that he has finally arrived and is enjoying a well-deserved vacation.

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