The word of Emilia Mernes’s costume designer about the controversy over the exchanges: “She is oblivious to this whole situation”

Emily Mernes

Days ago it was known, through a thread of Twitterof the claim of a group of entrepreneurs of clothing and design brands, who claimed that, apparently, Emily Mernes It did not comply with the conditions agreed in commercial agreements on the different garments that they provided to the singer. And they targeted the team of advisers to the artists, not only because of the way in which they addressed the owners of these local companies, but also because they could not promote their products with photos of Mernes, as is -always according to these public accusations- would have been agreed upon in the respective negotiations.

Faced with a controversy that was escalating until it became viral, Joaco Diazthe singer’s costume designer, turned to her account Instagram to, through a series of posts, “disprove the false accusations” of the entrepreneurs. After noticing that “Emilia is oblivious to this whole situation”He then began with his explanation: “My job is to look for costumes and options for her. With my team we communicate with established and emerging brands by collaborations”.

Díaz stated that his intention is “to work with local brands to give them exposure”, following “mutually agreed parameters and with clear expectations”. But what is this kind of agreement about? “The benefit of the brand is to be able to use Emilia’s image for your promotion, free of charge, as a form of exchange”. In this sense, he maintained: “I never promised something that I couldn’t keepcomplying with industry parameters.

Joaco Diaz
Joaco Diaz

The costume designer said that the controversy ended up affecting him on a personal level: “I it hurts immensely see what my good intention is manipulated for the benefit of others at the expense of Emilia’s good name.” It is for this reason that he shared different screenshots of the chats he had with the owners of the brands, to show (“that you can see and be witnesses,” he wrote), that the messages he received from the entrepreneurs “were of gratitude for exposing their designs and not from discontent”.

The posts of Joaco Díaz on the controversy of the exchanges of Emilia Mernes
The posts of Joaco Díaz on the controversy of the exchanges of Emilia Mernes

In a particular case, in relation to some skirts that were returned to the brand “used and poorly modified”, Díaz attached a proof of payment to ensure that they were paid, in order to comply with the brand.

Regarding the return of the garments worn by Mernes, which “are not always used since the looks are put together depending on the creative direction”Joaco Díaz justified himself: “Because of the trips associated with my agenda, I have not been able to return some of the piecessince I have not been with the necessary time in Argentina and the material is with me. That does not mean that they will not be returned, as soon as it is in the country they will be sent”. And he concluded: “In advance I thank the brands for their patience.”

After performing in Mexico, within the framework of the Baja Beach Festival, and before doing so with great success in Spain, Emilia Mernes will begin a tour of our country –You Believe In Me Tour– which will take her to perform in a dozen Argentine cities. On September 23 and 24, it will be presented at the movistar arenain Buenos Aires, for days later to start her tour of the Interior in Córdoba, which will take her to Rosario, Tucumán and Paraná, among other destinations. In addition, and while her love is shown with the Duki on social networks, leaving behind rumors of a crisis, last week he presented the video clip of “Chain”: in just five days it has already accumulated almost two million views on Youtube.

Emilia Mernes – The Chain


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