The word of the young Spaniard who criticized José María Muscari: “No one should be filmed without their consent”

Alex spoke, the young Spaniard who was filmed on the beach by José María Muscari (Video: “Intruders”, America)

Social networks are a double-edged sword. Although they are often a great tool for celebrities to connect with their fans, they also turn against them when they share controversial content and are heavily criticized. The latter was what happened to Jose Maria Muscariwho is currently enjoying his vacation in Greece, and while he was resting on a beach, he decided to film a group of young people who were a few meters away from him. In the images that the theater director himself shared in his stories of Instagramyou hear how your friend Diego Rinaldi praises the physical attractiveness of tourists, in complicity with the creator of Sex.

The truth is that this did not cause any grace to the protagonists of that recording. So much so that Alexthe young man who stood out the most in the video, was very upset and made it known through his account Twitter: “Yesterday while I was on the beach, this guy recorded me without my consent and sexualizing me. Please help me file a complaint”he wrote indignantly. And, immediately afterwards, he added: “The IG user is @josemariamuscari and the guy has been so unlucky that we speak Spanish and an acquaintance has passed us the video. The worst thing is that the rest of his stories are like that with many more boys and it’s quite vomit. Do not take photos/videos of strangers without their consent, and even less to drop drooling comments”.

The controversial video for which José María Muscari had to apologize

Attentive to these comments, Muscari realized his mistake and proceeded to apologize publicly for that same social network. I just read this and of course I apologize, my intention is never to expose anyone, my networks do not go there, my bad. You’re right, I shouldn’t have focused my camera on your sector.but to do it with the people who were doing it. Apologies, ”he replied, regretful. Then, Alex thanked him for the gesture and replied: “I’m glad it came to you to apologize, the joke is fine, focusing on unknown people without permission is not, thank you!” “Thanks to you! I reiterate my apologies and if you come to Argentina you are invited to see my works here”, expressed José María in a friendly way.

Muscari is on vacation in Greece, the country in which he filmed the young man resting on the beach

Meanwhile, this Thursday the affected young man granted an interview to intruders via Zoomwhere he referred to the subject. “I was with my boyfriend calm on the beach, sunbathing. And since he is Uruguayan, he heard the Argentine accent, which is very characteristic, of someone making comments about someone in a red bathing suit, who seemed to have it p…, I don’t know what, and my boyfriend realized that they were talking about me ”, he began recounting. And he continued: “We were left wondering if they had recorded or not, and we were left wondering why we needed to make those comments. But he stayed there, as a joke. The point is that the next day we wake up and an acquaintance of my boyfriend sends the story and asks if it was us. There I exploded, because I am a strong advocate that no one should be filmed without their consent”.

Then, he pointed out: “When I saw the stories, I saw that I was not the only one, but that many people had been filmed. I use my Twitter a lot to denounce these things because I am very active in pointing out situations that are not right, to make people think. That is why I publish it with the intention that it reach him and that he eliminates those videos. “I didn’t know that Muscari was famous, it started to come to me because many people told me that he was well-known, but I had to Google him. And the scope that my tweet had is not the same that I began to have, “he said.

Along these lines, he told what happened next: “I spoke with him and everything was fine, the problem comes when all the people in Argentina tell me that I am taking advantage of fame and that I am the one who is being sexualized. But I want to leave that if I upload a photo of myself in a swimsuit on the beach, I am deciding it, but instead that video was without my consent and on top of that with comments that made me feel uncomfortable”.

I chose to make it public because I think you have to educateand sometimes it has also happened to me that things have been pointed out to me that I did wrong and I have admitted that I was wrong. It was never intended for it to have that magnitude, I thought it would stay among my friends and that’s it. It was just with the intention that it get to him and delete the stories, and to be able to talk to him so that he understands the mistake. I believe in learning and educating,” he said. And she closed: “It was a wake-up call for him and I doubt that he will upload any story again in relation to what has happened. I’m glad you apologized”.


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