These are the 10 best Spanish beaches of the year


Beaches are much more than waves and sand. They are memories, sunsets… and data, like the ones behind this ranking of the ten most popular sandbanks in Spain this summer, according to data from internet users. Fuerteventura, Galicia and Formentera occupy a large part of this top ten.

Rodas beach, in the Ces Islands.
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With almost 8,000 kilometers of beaches, Spain is a paradise for lovers of sun and sand. There are for all tastes: from urban with all the services you may need, to virgin and hidden coves that only a privileged few know. In this ranking drawn up by Holidu, the vacation rental search engine, the ten most popular in our geography appear. It is an analysis made from Google Maps data with its number of reviews and average rating.

1. Beach of Rhodes (Galicia)

It cannot be denied that this Galician beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. Winner of the title of “most beautiful beach in the world” in 2007, this beach located in the famous Ces Islands It is the ideal place to take a bath in a privileged natural environment. And it is that the Ces, located off the coast of Vigo, are famous for housing a beautiful natural landscape, with crystal clear waters and wild nature.

2. Cofete Beach (Fuerteventura)

Cofete beach, in Fuerteventura, is a wild and relatively unexplored beach. Located in the natural park of Janda, this beach is characterized by its impressive dunes of golden sand. With 12 kilometers in length, Cofete beach is an ideal place to walk and enjoy the scenery, in addition to doing certain water sports such as Diving. In addition, the environment of this hidden beach is characterized by its rocky hills and the famous “La Pared” formation, which offers impressive views from the water and the sand.

The golden sand of Cofete.
The golden sand of Cofete.

3. Morro Jable Beach (Fuerteventura)

Also located in the Janda natural park, Morro Jable beach, in Fuerteventura, is one of the most touristic and lively on the island. It is characterized by its turquoise waters and its golden sand. Morro Jable is an ideal destination for hiking, due to the great landscapes that characterize the surrounding environment. In addition, near it you can access the town of Pjara, a must if you like picturesque Canarian towns.

The turquoise waters of Morro Jable.
The turquoise waters of Morro Jable.

4. Sotavento Beach (Fuerteventura)

Do you like wild looking beaches? Are you fed up with the coasts crowded with tourists? Then Sotavento beach, also in Fuerteventura, could be a great destination for you. With the impressive dunes that characterize the beaches of this island, Sotavento is a heavenly place In the middle of nowhere. It is characterized by its turquoise and calm waters, perfect for swimming and water sports. Also, if you want to do something more than lie in the sun, it is an incredible place to practice surfing, sailing or kitesurfing, being the venue for the World Championship of this last sport.

Leeward, ideal for water sports
Leeward, ideal for acoustic sports.

5. Ses Illetes Beach (Formentera)

Another of the candidates for the title of “most beautiful beach in the world”, Ses Illetes has everything you can expect from the coast of Formentera: calm and deep turquoise waters, white sands and a unforgettable landscape. Located in the northern part of the island, in the middle of a natural park, to get to it you will have to go through an area of ​​dunes that is worth it on its own. In addition, inside you can find all kinds of restaurants that will help you spend an unforgettable day.

The lively beach of Ses Illetes
The lively beach of Ses Illetes

6. Carnota Beach (A Coruña)

With an extension of more than 7km in length, the Carnota beach, in A Corua, also usually leads the lists of the best in the world. It is one of the beaches most extensive of the Peninsulaand like almost the entire Costa da Morte, it is surrounded by beautiful green landscapes perfect for hiking. Although its waters are much colder than those of the previous beaches, the bravest can enjoy a day of snorkel or simply a bit of cool in the pine forest that is located at its entrance.

The sandbank in Costa da Morte.
The sandbank in Costa da Morte.

7. Berelln Beach (Cantabria)

If you are looking for something more hidden and little crowded, one of the secret coves The most beautiful beach in our country is probably Berelln beach, in the town of Val de San Vicente. To get to this beach you will have to do part of the route on foot, being able to enjoy in the process a bucolic green landscape difficult to find in other parts of Spain. Once on the beach, the most impressive thing is undoubtedly the rocks that make up the environment, so different from the long white-sand coasts of other parts of the country. Without a doubt, a different beach for those looking for a getaway to nature!

The piece
The buccal Cantabrian beach.

8. Nogales Beach (La Palma)

Nogales beach offers all the benefits of this beautiful island in a very compressed space: mountains, unforgettable paths, lava, volcanic sand, a blue sea and large expanses of green. Located in the northern municipality of Puntallana, its black sand, with shades of blue and gray, its spectacular cliffs and the mighty Atlantic have put it on the map; not only for surfers and lovers of wild environments, but also for those who love solitude, beautiful views and nature trails. If you also visit when the waters are calm, the possibility of being able to take a wonderful dip makes it a place almost without equal in La Palma.

the arenal volcano
The volcanic sandbank in La Palma.

9. Old Kings Beach (Fuerteventura)

Adventure lovers and those looking for a slightly more active tourism cannot miss the Viejo Reyes beach, in the municipality of Pjara. In addition to being a spectacular area for surfersIt is also common to see naturists enjoying their hidden enclave. On this beach it is easy to forget about the rest of the world, as it is surrounded by large green cliffs that give it a timeless and unique air. Today, it is one of the best preserved virgin beaches on the entire island.

Old Reyes, for
Viejo Reyes, surfer’s paradise.

10. Valdearenas beach (Cantabria)

Located near Santander, this beach stands out for its fine White sand concentrated in large dunes, and for being surrounded by large pine forests that provide shade on the hottest days. Located within the Geological Park of Costa Quebrada, it is a privileged enclave to enjoy surfing and other water sports, and to spend a pleasant time enjoying the sea breeze or its unforgettable sunsets.

The Geol Park beach
The beach of the Geological Park of Costa Quebrada.

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