These are the games that Hollywood celebrities play

Here are some celebrities who enjoy rolling the dice, playing cards, or moving the meeples, and maybe you didn’t know it.

It is becoming more and more common to know that celebrities practice this entertainment that continues to carry a certain stigma of “only for nerds and geeks”. However, both in the world of celebrities and in communities, women are still not as numerous as men. Something that we hope will change in the years to come, and what better way to do it when a celebrity popularizes the game, sharing her passion with everyone?

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kristen bell

the protagonist of the good place and her husband, Dax Shepard, apparently have a strict game night tradition where Catan happens to be her favorite. To the astonishment of many, during a brief interview on the red carpet of the 2017 Golden Globes, the couple told their interviewers that their After-Party would be to “get out of control” in a game of Catan. They even promised to share a testimony of the event on their Instagram account. And said and done: later they published a photo of the two of them, with exactly the same outfit as at the award ceremony, preparing the elements of the play from the comfort of their home.

Later that year, at Christmas, they organized a campaign for Omaze (a charity fundraiser) where a lucky winner could play a game with them and also get a copy of Catan: A Game of Thrones autographed by both the couple , as well as by the author of the game himself: Klaus Teuber. We leave you a photograph where, if you pay due attention, you will notice that they wear a Christmas sweater with motifs from the game.

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Deborah Ann Woll

Perhaps the world remembers her as Jessica in True Blood, or perhaps as Karen Page in the Daredevil series on Netflix. But if this talented woman has become known in recent years for something, it is her passion for games, especially role-playing games, which we can consider as first cousins ​​of board games. And it’s not that she just plays, she’s an extraordinary Dungeon Master.

In late 2018, he ran a show dedicated to role-playing, Relics & Rarities, on the Geek & Soundry YouTube channel. And since then, she has been an active promoter of D & D sharing a table with other famous people like Charlie Cox, Kevin Smith, Jack Black, Joe Manganiello and more. The series was short-lived, probably not getting the return on investment that its production required, but that didn’t stop it.

Just this March 8, the actress triumphantly returns to be a role master in session 0 of what will be the Children of Earth series, using the Demiplane digital platform. Also participating at her card table are Hope LaVelle, Alicia Marie, Adam Bradford, Lauren Urban, and Jennifer Kretchmer. People who, although they are not really movie or TV stars, are important personalities in the RPG industry.

kate hudson

The famous protagonist of Almost Famous and How to Lose a Man in 10 Days, daughter of the well-known Goldie Hawn, doesn’t seem like it, but she is also a fan of board games. Ok, okay, maybe more on a casual level, but hey, at least we know she enjoys them. Probably due to an upbringing focused on the family, despite growing up with super famous parents, both she and her brother, Olvier, have shared moments on the board that seem unforgettable (here they talk about who is the better player:

Our team of researchers (aka his Instagram stalkers) found that he at least plays Monopoly (nobody’s perfect) and Cards Against Humanity (you’re great, Kate!).

happy day

Perhaps no one on this list needs an introduction less than Felicia Day, practically a geek queen among celebrities. She is an actress, screenwriter and producer. She will surely remember her on TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Supernatural, where she was a recurring guest star. She rose to fame with the web series The Guild, which featured the massively online role-playing game (MMORPG) subculture of the gamer. In 2012 she launched the Geek & Soundry YouTube channel and within it, along with Will Wheaton, she co-produced the renowned show Tabletop, a series specifically designed to showcase modern board games.

Of course, Day is no stranger to this vast world. She participated in the programs of The Forbidden Desert, Lords of Waterdeep, Love Letter, Elder Sign and the role-playing game Fate Core. Wow, there are even special cards with her image in promos for Dead of Winter! Obviously, for someone like Day, board and role-playing games are only part of her entertainment, video games also occupy her free time, and are a source of inspiration for her work and image.

Mayim Bialik

And speaking of Tabletop, an actress who participated in said program and showed us her familiarity with games, was the nice Matin Bialik, also known as doctor Amy Farrah Fowler in The Big Bang comedy. In addition to being an actress, Bialik is a real doctor –in neuroscience–, an animal lover and a mother of a family.

While our investigations (Instagram logs) do not indicate that she is a board game fan, we do know that gaming is a part of her life. On the one hand, obviously, her participation in Tabletop where she showed mastery of Tiny Epic Galaxies, but she is also familiar with games like Magic The Gathering, thanks to her family.

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