These are the seven reviews you should do to your car before going on vacation

They have finally arrived long-awaited vacation Of summer. This year many will once again enjoy the trips that they had been delaying or canceling during the pandemic, making it a more anticipated vacation, if possible.

Those who decide to travel by car should remember the advice of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) regarding the elements of the vehicle that should be checked so as not to have any problems on the roads. They are the following:

check the brakes

A braking system in proper condition is essential to avoid any scare during our vacations or at any other time. We must make sure that the brakes are not worn nor the brake pads, as well as that the discs have not dilated due to the heat.

check the tires

Before leaving on a trip, whether it is a short, medium or long distance journey, it is very important to check how the wheels are, something that the Civil Guard recommends that are checked once a month. Not in vain, a tire failure is behind 60% of traffic accidents caused by mechanical problems.

It is recommended check if they are damagedif they have any type of breakage or scratch and if they have adequate pressure (cold). It is also important to check whether the wheel tread is worn or less than 1.6mm deep. Finally, carrying a spare wheel will help us have a plan B in case of a puncture.

Check the address

Proper steering system function can be checked by verifying that It does not present noises, vibrations, loosenessunusual hardness or unevenly distributed wear between the tyres.

check shock absorbers

A suspension system in optimal conditions is very important for the car to brake correctly. For this reason, it is essential to check its status periodically. A warning that something is not going very well in the shock absorbers can be the noises in the car when we take a curve.

Make sure the lights work

Wear any vehicle lights out It can mean that we get a fine, in addition to putting our safety and that of other road users at risk. On the other hand, we must make sure that all the lights are at the right height so as not to cause glare, as well as verify that all the lights perform their function correctly, including the turn signals. It never hurts to carry in the car replacement bulbs in case we melted some during the trip.

check battery

The car continues to consume electricity even if it is stopped. If we go on a trip with an old car we must pay special attention if we have not used it much recently, since after 15 days without starting the engine it may not be possible to start it. Given the importance of the battery in powering the entire vehicle, it is advisable to check that it is OK before leaving.

attention to air conditioning

In summer the use of air conditioning becomes essential, also in the car. Therefore, it is convenient to make sure that the cooling system of our vehicle is in perfect condition to relieve us of the suffocating heat while we are on the road to avoid the feeling of fatigue and tiredness.

If the appliance does not cool well, it will probably be necessary to change the filter or check the refrigerant gas. Here are some common errors detected by the DGT when using the car’s air conditioning.

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