these models rose up to 85% in 1 year

The trucks long ago they became the fastest growing vehicles for sale in the country, among other things, because they benefited from not paying the luxury tax, which does affect cars and SUVs that exceed 4,300,000 pesos.

However, this advantage, which for a long time was reflected in lower prices, has now completely vanished, and Buying a medium-sized truck from the cheapest costs more than $6,000,000, while the top of the range exceeds 12,000,000 pesos.

The strongest increases occurred in the last year, in all models, and with increases that exceed 80% in pesos. The equation is different if it is measured in dollars, with a smaller rise because the blue was revalued in the same period and almost the same bills are needed to buy a unit.

For those who are thinking of buying a truck, we review the prices of the 10 best sellers on the market today, how much they cost and how the values ​​have been increasing in recent months.

Toyota Hilux, the best-selling truck

The Toyota Hilux is the best selling truck of the market, with 2,412 units sold in July and 14,543 accumulated between January and July. This represents a decrease of 12.1% compared to the same period of the previous year.

In pricesToyota Hilux version more accessible with double cabin and 4×2 leaves in August $6,097,000, that is, $20,600 at the blue exchange rate ($295). If the value is compared with August of last year, then it was $3,494,000, that is, about 19,300 blue dollars. This marks a 75% price increase in twelve months.

Toyota Hilux, the best-selling truck

To buy the top-of-the-range version today, you have to choose the SRX 4×4 at $10,968,000, or the Hilux GR-Sport, which is the sportiest, at 12,225,000 pesos.

volkswagen amarok

It is the second truck in number of patents, with 2,130 units sold in July and 12,525 accumulated in the year, that is, a rise of 0.9 percent.

As for prices, the The cheapest Amarok costs $6,452,300which represents about $21,800 at the parallel exchange, while the top of the range has a value of 12,838,000 pesos. In August 2021, the value of the cheapest was $3,576,882 (19,760 blue dollars) and the full one was sold at 7,096,492 pesos. This model also applied a strong adjustment.

Forest ranger

The truck manufactured in Pacheco, province of Buenos Aires, has sold some 6,961 units in the year, that is, a drop of 20.6% compared to the first 7 months of 2021. This has to do with the fact that the plant is in full renovation investment process, since in 2023 the new Ranger will be launched and several reforms are being carried out.

As for prices, the Ranger double cab starts at $6,383,000that is, 21,600 at the blue exchange rate, while the top of the range reaches 10,924,000 pesos.

Compared to the prices of a year ago, the Ranger came out at $3,625,000, that is, about 20,000 blue dollars, while the full one reached 6,065,000 pesos. In this way, the Ford truck had an increase of 73% in twelve months.

Ford Ranger, will be renewed in 2023.

The Ford Ranger pickup will be renewed in 2023

nissan frontier

With 665 patented units in July and some 4,367 in the year, this truck manufactured in Córdoba is one of the ones that grew the most in sales, with a rise of 35.7%.

In terms of prices, the cheapest version starts in $6,252,800, that is, 21,195 blue dollars. A year ago the value was $3,348,500, that is, 18,500 blue dollars. This marks a 85 percent increase. As for the full version, it is currently at 11,573,900 pesos, while a year ago it was 6,222,300 pesos.

fiat bull

It is another of the best-selling trucks in the country, with 510 sales in July and a drop of 13.1% in the annual accumulated.

As for prices, the Toro Freedom 1.8 Nafta CD 4×2 AT6 comes out $5,653,600, that is, 19,160 blue dollars. A year ago it was $3,091,600, that is, u$s17,000 blue, and extended to $4,608,800, today 8,848,900 pesos. In this way, the price increased 80 percent.

fiat street

The best-selling small truck in the country is the fiat streetwith 498 units in July and 2,741 in the year, which marks a growth of 26.4 percent.

As for prices, the cheapest model costs $3,484,100, that is, US$11,800, while the top of the range costs 4,692,500 pesos. A year ago, the cheapest model was $1,925,300 for the Endurance version, that is, $10,600 blue, which marks a rise above 80 percent.

ford rebel

With 417 units sold in July, the Ford Maverick is positioned in the top ten of the best sellers. In the year it accumulates 1,683 sales.

Ford Maverick, the intermediate truck that promises the most.

Ford Maverick, the intermediate truck that promises the most

As for prices, two versions are offered from $6,635,000, that is, $22,490 at the parallel exchange rate.

renault alaska

The truck manufactured in Córdoba accumulated 409 sales in July and 2,674 in the year, with an increase of 47.2% in 2022.

As for the prices, starts at $6,029,200that is, 20,436 blue dollars, while the top of the range comes out at 10,192,300 pesos. Compared to last year, this truck increased by 63%, since in August 2021 it cost $3,688,300, that is, 20,700 blue dollars.

chevrolet s10

The S10 truck is one of the few medium-sized trucks that are not manufactured in the country, and that is why its offer is more limited. In the month of July, it sold 224 units, with 1,735 in the year, a drop of 8.7 percent.

As for the prices, starts at $6,557,900, that is, u$s22,290 at the blue exchange rate, and the full amount reaches 11,085,900 pesos. The price increased 85% in the year since last year it was $3,545,900.

The price of the Chevrolet S10 increased by 85%

ram 1500

With 36 patented units in July, this model completes the top ten of the best sellers, with a price of 11,249,000, that is, US$38,000 at the blue exchange rate. In August of last year it was 31,000 blue dollars.

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