they criticized the looks of Soledad Pastorutti and she went out with everything to respond

The singer responded to a user who criticized her on social networks.

In addition to his wise feedback to the participants and his keen eye for choosing his team members, Soledad Pastorutti gave the note in The Argentine Voice (Telefe, Sunday to Thursday at 10:30 p.m.) for the choice of her striking costumes, which were highly praised by her followers.

However, in social networks there is never a lack of those serial haters, called haters. And the popular Arequito singer received a comment that questioned her look in the cycle hosted by Marley and she came out to respond forcefully.

On Twitter, a user named Daniel Castro pointed out about La Sole, pointing out that he also changed his artistic career: “You are losing your essence, you sing anything, you don’t even do folklore anymore. You paint yourself and show yourself like a vedette, there is little left of the village girl that everyone loved”.

The interpreter did not let this message pass and decided to answer him. “I respect your point of view, but I’m sure you haven’t been following me closely for a long time. It is impossible to change the essence”Natalia Pastorutti’s sister pointed out.

The comment of a Twitter user and the response of La Sole.

His post quickly amassed a large number of likes and comments, supporting La Sole’s claims.

“Well queen! Always correct, don’t even spend time answering those who don’t even know you,” wrote a follower. And La Sole clarified: “Absolutely right, but the air is still free, and it’s good to use it to do good and clarify things.”

For her part, the singer thanked the writer María Florencia Freijo, who expressed: “They are always going to be screwed by a woman who plays with more erotic aspects in her clothing, and they use that to diminish her power or discredit her. Do not lose value in responding to people who cannot with 1% of your journey. You are huge.”

“Thank you! Beautiful message! I will keep your words in mind!” La Sole replied to the writer.

The looks of Soledad Pastorutti in “La Voz Argentina”

“Welcome La Sole. Look how sexy, bombshell she is… I love the hairstyle, the clothes, everything…” said the host of La Voz when he introduced the coach in the “Las Batallas” stage of the reality show .

The interpreter, on that occasion, wore a sensual short silver jumpsuit, well attached to the body and with a pronounced neckline.

Some of the photos that La Sole shared on her Instagram account.

Some of the photos that La Sole shared on her Instagram account.

Then, in the next stage, he again dazzled all the viewers of the singing contest.

La Sole opted for a design by Marian Saud, a stunning white suit with a lace bodice that again garnered hundreds of compliments on social media.

One of La Sole's outfits in La Voz.

One of La Sole’s outfits in La Voz.

“Welcome Sole! Please stand up. Look how sexy she is,” Marley launched upon introducing her. And Lali Esposito added: “What a goddess!” “La Sole is better than a holiday,” added the interpreter of Soy and Disciplina, among many other successes.


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