They left everything and built luxury cabins in the mountains – Argentina

By Micaela Rodriguez
Photos: Micaela Rodriguez.

Alexandra Gardenal Y sergio herrlein They met in 2002 and it was love at first sight. They both worked in the frantic Buenos Aires. While she was comfortable with her demanding pace of life, he knew she wanted to go into tourism and live in a village. The turns of life brought both of them, in 2008, to enjoy a weekend in Sierra of the Fathers and, in that moment, the course of his history changed.

I would live here”Alejandra said when she began to walk through the streets surrounded by green and look at the imposing views in the town, located just 15 minutes from Mar del Plata.

Finally, they bought two pieces of land in 2008 and started designing the project that would change their lives completely. It took 10 years for the couple to finally settle down and inaugurate three cabins that pay homage to their great capacity as hosts.

About the place, both emphasize that they love nature and “the green” of the area. “You have the mountains and, half an hour away, the sea. It gives us a constant feeling of peace and tranquility. For us, this is paradise. our place in the world”, says Alejandra with a smile from ear to ear.

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Located a few meters from the main shopping center of Sierras de los Padres, this accommodation is positioned as “luxury cabins”. They have a park, a swimming pool, Paraguayan hammocks, a grill, a stove area and several living rooms.

Every reception is a party. Visitors find themselves at the entrance to the cabin with an abundant minced full of a local business, one chocolate next to the towels, and cookies.

“Cabañas Chic” is a complex of fully equipped dream apartments, including books and board games to entertain the whole family. Breakfast is left every morning in the external living room and includes: orange juice, coffee, milk, bills, cookies, bread, cheese and jam.

When designing the project of her dreams, Alejandra said that “they had to be beautiful, with everything that we like for ourselves. We think of the cabins as travelers that we are, and we put everything that we would have wanted to find on our trips. The masons in the construction process were surprised by the materials we chose, when it was a house only for rent”.

“For us, at each welcome there must be chocolates and snacks. Because everything you give you receive, and for us it is very important that the visitor feels comfortable”, Sergio highlighted.

The complex has three cabins. “Bamboo” it is for two people and has a double hydromassage; “Waterfall” it is for three people and has a black marble bathroom with a large antique bathtub; while “Elegant Boutique” It has two rooms, to receive a family of four people, and it has a firewood salamander.

People fall in love. She comes here and is fascinated by the details, the attention. There are people who came and said they didn’t want to leave. It is the first job that gives us satisfaction in the soul. We have the gratification of seeing people happy”, Alejandra finally highlights, about the experience in “Cabañas Chic”.

It is a different accommodation to connect with nature and the mountains, in a space that combines luxury and hospitality. A boutique, personalized experience that seeks to make people feel happy.

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