They point to influencer to show off his travels around the world with edited photos

Now that is very “waite chikan”… The world of influencers is once again giving something to talk about thanks to a woman named Aubrey O’Daywho in the last hours has received a lot of criticism and ridicule thanks to the photos he shares of his “travels around the world”.

But don’t think that people do it out of envy or just to fuck around. Actually the mockery is due to the fact that This influencer, who calls herself a “world traveler”, photoshops herself in various tourist destinations known on the planet. WTF?!

I don’t see the photoshop. Photo via: Daily Mail UK.

Aubrey O’Day is an influencer who shows off her world travels on Instagram

Sounds like a joke but no. In the last hours several people realized that several photos that Aubrey O’Day has on her profile look quite suspiciousbecause in some cases the proportion of his person does not coincide with the landscape in question.

Specifically, it was a girl on TikTok who began to do further research and discovered that this influencer takes photos from tourist sites or Pinterest, and then edits the colors and adds her image with poses that look according to the landscape.

The thing is that their photos are photoshopped and we no longer know what to believe

The controversy has been so much that the American model and singer (or so we found on Instagram) He had no choice but to put his Instagram account privatelybecause many went to comment left and right.

Of course we do not support that, but it is also It’s impossible not to say something when you see the kind of photos Aubrey O’day posts. Some that, although they have a great editing job, also look more fake than the love that your ex once swore to you.

And worse still, they bring motivational phrases such as “give it your best, you can also live this life”. See what we’re talking about:

Atrapadaaa: Influencer pointed out to show off his travels around the world with edited photos
Photo: Special
Atrapadaaa: Influencer pointed out to show off his travels around the world with edited photos
The influencer’s entire feed looks a bit strange. Photo: Instagram

But who are we to judge?

No, because now everyone is free to do and post anything, although maybe In the case of this influencer, people cannot believe that she has become famous for her trips that probably never existed. more than in your imagination.

The worst of all is that in a recent Instagram post he denied everythingaffirming that the photos he uploads are well planned and since they have production to throw away, they give the impression that they are photoshopped. The gall!

Please respect my aesthetic and I work hard to give everyone beautiful content and Feel the way the places where I travel vibrate. Because I want everyone to vibrate with me”, This woman wrote that because of her way of expressing herself, it does not take long for her to “travel” to Tulum.

Anyway, at least we know that now to know the world it is only enough to have a computer and an active Adobe license….

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