They showed the house of “Married with Children” on TikTok and uncovered an error that raised thousands of questions about the series | Chronicle

Married with kids is without a doubt one of the great successes of Argentine television. The adaptation of the renowned American series of the same name managed to settle on the screen of phone and became a classic.

Premiered in the country in 2005, it had two seasons that managed to get into the memory of all viewers. With the stellar performance of William Francella, Florence Pena and the brothers lopilatethe family “Argentinian” is one of the best known in national fiction.

In this framework, any curiosity or information that transcends the series becomes viral in a few hours. From fights to rumors of how the recordings were made, fans continue to watch the successful series.

And so it happened these last days in the Chinese app tik tokwhere a video became viral when presenting one of the locations that was used for filming, or at least this was the information that was available, since the images raised thousands of doubts.

Account @unreviaje She was in charge of uploading the video to the networks. The premise was simple: “Does anyone recognize this facade?”, They raised, accompanying the text of images about a house that went directly to everyone’s memory.

The viral TikTok video about “Married with Children”

We went to the supposed house of the Argento”, they point out Tefi Y Coconutthe young marriage that carries out this series of videos touring iconic places in the City of Buenos Aires, which they share on TikTok.

According to what they reported, it is “located in Adolfo Alsina 2256, in the town of Florida, province of Buenos Aires”. However, once in the place, they began to notice a situation that raised several doubts.

When we got there, (the house) left us with more questions than answers. Were the chapters recorded at this address? Did the Fusenecos really live next door? If ‘Pepe’ kept the ‘Chevy’ in the back, why is the garage in the front? The patio where ‘Paty’ was buried, where is it?”, were some of the questions they raised.

The video, which caused a stir on TikTok and went viral in a few hours: managed to overcome the 990,000 reproductions, the 82,000 likes and the hundreds of commentsthat managed to answer some of the questions raised.

“Our assumption is that the house was used only on its exterior. what do you say? Was the series really recorded in this place?”, completed the authors of the video.

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