They went on a trip through South America but a stone on the road forced them to pause the adventure

Things don’t always go as planned, and there’s also a bit of the magic of adventure. Los Felices Viajando left in mid-January from Roldán with the aim of traveling to various destinations in South America in their Motorhome named Sofía, which they themselves remodeled to make it their home. However, more than a mishap caused them to return early. Of course, it is only a pause, since in a few weeks they plan to resume the trip.

What happened? Already with more than 13,000 kilometers in tow, more than 18 states traveled and innumerable paradisiacal beaches, had an accident that made the front windshield broke and in Brazil they couldn’t get spare parts. “It seemed imprudent to us to continue in those conditions”, reflected Matías Wainer in dialogue with Rosario3. But there was something else that made them make the decision: the tenants to whom they had rented their house had stopped paying.

Not only that but they had cut off all communication while their neighbors sent them pictures of their completely destroyed home. They had even abandoned the dogs and another neighbor had to take over. “There was rubbish everywhere, both inside and outside”detailed.

So it was that both Matías and Nadia They knew that the time had come to return. They had spent more than seven months traveling and most of the time they were in Brazil. Although the initial plan was to also reach other destinations, that country overwhelmed them.

“We had to change the route because we are enthralled with Brazil. The original plan was to only go up to Bahía and then return to the north of Argentina, do Cataratas, Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. That was the initial project with a return date in December. But Brazil caught us with its people, its places, and each time we began to climb higher, and so we renewed our 90-day tourist permit for another 90 days and climbed many kilometers north,” they said.

“Going down the middle of the country, touring the interior, we found that we were 3,800 kilometers from the border with Peru and 3,500 from Roldán. Given the situation that we had to fix the house because the tenants had made a mess, and the problem with the windshield, we began the return. We did it slowly, getting to know other places, people, foods, cultures, fairs, and parties.”

just a pause

It took them a little less than a month to leave their home in good condition again, but they clung to Sofía so much that even when they were in Roldán, they did not stop using its facilities as if it were their home. “Now solving the issue of home, recharged with energy from friends and family, we plan to go out on the road so as not to cut this project and continue the trip until December as planned”, Matías anticipated and said that the south of Argentina and Chile is the course they will take.

“The issue is that we liked this experience of meet places, people, be together, see the kids grow up, share all the moments and above comfortable. The project that will demand us the years to come is how to be able to work and generate income online to continue traveling through what is left of South America and why not the rest of the world”, projected the traveler.

For now, they took advantage of the stoppage to accommodate their social networks such as YouTube and Instagram, where every day they reap more followers to whom they direct the content of their adventures aboard Sofia.

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