this is how the days off model works in this company

Each company sets its holiday conditions. There are those who, due to the closure of the offices, concentrate those 30 days in the month of August, while others allow employees to choose the dates that best suit them throughout the year. Although for many these free days have already ended, other lucky ones have been able to save some days to enjoy them later, in the low season.

Zapier, a technology company that allows you to integrate web applications and automate workflows, has a new model in relation to vacations. This mostly remote company allows its employees to choose as many days off a year as they need to be able to disconnect from work.

The executive director of the company, Wade Foster, encouraged the workers in internal company communications to make effective use of these endless vacations: “Remember that time off is good for you. One of the best things I’ve done for Zapier, but also for people, is pay attention to my physical and mental health“.

Minimum two weeks off

One of the workers of this company, pointed out in the internal blog that “having that encouragement, especially from managers and managers, relieve the stress that causes impostor syndrome when a person takes “too much” time off, even when you’re a new hire.” At Zapier, company policy allows all staff, be they new hires or veterans, to take as many days off as they need In addition, these are always paid and will be independent of sick days. Similarly, all workers must take, at least two weeks off per year.

For this model to be truly effective, they consider that those responsible for each team must explicitly communicate the expectations and objectives that they must achieve. Likewise, they must share with the whole team the strategies to plan your free time and thereby avoid overloading other colleagues with work when they are absent.

Among other advantages, Zapier provides all its employees with a complete team to set up your home officesince teleworking is implemented in all departments. Likewise, it also has up to two annual retreats to do teamwork dynamics, 14 weeks of paid leave for new parentsprivate health insurance and a retirement plan.

Other companies, like Adobe offers more days off based on employee seniority. Therefore, for every five years of seniority in the company, workers could take up to four weeks off. And at 10 years, this limit increased to five weeks and when they passed 15 years of seniority they got six weeks of paid vacation per year. This not only increased employee loyalty, it also increased their job satisfaction.

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