This is how the Hobbit Houses of Galicia are, the perfect excuse to travel to Middle-earth

There is nothing left for the premiere of the long-awaited series ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’which will finally be released on September 2 on Prime Video. A countdown that, although it can be eternal for true fans of the series, it can be a little less long, living in her own skin the authentic Hobbit experience.

And you don’t have to go to New Zealand to get to know the oldest town in the Shire, in the middle of Middle Earth. You just have to go to the north of Spain, more specifically to the town of Viveiro, which is located just 45 minutes from great attractions such as the Beach of the Cathedrals.

It is, in this beautiful town, where we find everything you have seen in the movies: dazzling green hills with beautiful houses that seem to emerge, as if by magic, from the ground itself.

The villas of

What are the Hobbit Houses in Galicia like?

These beautiful little houses are found in the complex called ‘Mi Tesoro’, which offer three of these Hobbiton houses: the North Lighthouse, the Star of the Seas and the Mermaid’s Cave. Three beautiful apartments with capacity for up to 6 people.

But don’t get confused… because traveling to Middle-earth in the time of Hobbits is not doing it also in terms of comforts. And it is that these beautiful houses are equipped with everything necessary for a unique experience: heating, full kitchen and toilets with everything you need.

Getting in touch with nature is one of the objectives of this beautiful villa

But Galician Hobbiton it goes far beyond wanting to simulate Tolkien’s universe. First of all, as its owner says, the idea was to build ecological cabins that would integrate perfectly with nature. And there is no better way to do it than with its vegetal cover, half-buried at the top of the hills: what does it bring them to be biothermal houses, because the earth serves as insulation.

And it is that, beyond its resemblance is more than evident with the famous region of Tolkien, these accommodations can be seen as a unique opportunity to find peace coming into close contact with nature.

General view of My Treasure, the Galician Hobbiton

About the nursery

the stately Viveiro is one of the most important towns in the Mariña of Lugo. It has a magnificent wall that preserves three of its sensational gates, where Carlos V stands out. Its distinguished houses, the Colegio de la Natividad founded by María Sarmiento, the Jewish quarter, the house of the Lions, the Plaza Mayor and charming little squares deserve a quiet tour of the village.

Panoramic view of Viveiro, in Galicia

Santa María del Campo is the oldest temple in Viveiro, located in the magnificent square where there is also the Closing Convent of the Conceptionists and the unique Grotto of Lourdes, a replica of the authentic cave, always full of candles and votive offerings. Interesting is the Church of the Convent of San Francisco, which keeps the steps of his Holy Week declared of International Tourist Interest. And more than recommendable is its market where tuna, conger eel, hake and shellfish are delicacies of the gods.

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