This is the last photo of Anne Heche before she died

It could have been one more post, but with the tragic events that took place it ended up being one of the last records of the life of Ana Heche. An image went viral in which the actress appears next to a hairdresser, after having bought something on the premises.

The snapshot was taken on August 5 at 10.35, a few minutes before Heche got into her car and began the fatal journey that ended with the vehicle she was driving set on fire and embedded in front of a house. A week later, she died.

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How is the last photo of Anne Heche before the fatal accident

In the image, the barber who owns the premises appears crystal hair with the interpreter. They are both smiling and showing what Heche bought. “Today I met Anne Heche and he bought me a red wig. All very random. I love Venice Beach,” the coiffeur wrote, alongside the post.

After Heche’s death, Richard Glass gave an interview to the media TMZin which it was shown sorry for what happened to the actress and expressed that he could have done more.

The last recorded selfie of actress Anne Heche. (Photo: Instagram/@glasshair)

“There are people who are evil. They make accusations that I had to do with what their toxicology reports say (Heche had consumed alcohol and cocaine) and I I never used drugs. I’m not that kind of person,” he explained.

With tears in his eyes, the man stated that he has “a gigantic guilt” for not having “protected” her. “I feel like I could have done moresince the universe put me there to have an impact in some way, ”he lamented.

The causes of death of Anne Heche

Ana Heche He died after having agonized for a week due to a brutal collision with the front of a house. After she was disconnected from life support, her relatives donated her organs and, in the last hours, It was officially confirmed that the death was accidental.

According to the Los Angeles County coroner’s investigation, the causes of death of the 53-year-old actress were smoke inhalation, burn injuries, and a “fracture of the sternum due to blunt trauma” -a very common injury in people who hit their chest against the steering wheel of a car in a traffic accident-.

Anne Heche's car was totally destroyed.  (Photo: Backgrid/The Grosby Group video capture)
Anne Heche’s car was totally destroyed. (Photo: Backgrid/The Grosby Group video capture)

On Friday, the actress was declared brain dead which, under California law, means the person died. At that time, his relatives were informed of the sad news and, as he was a donor, his heart was kept vital so as not to affect his organs.

On the other hand, the police investigation into the accident will not advance. The Los Angeles Police Department said in a statement released by page six that any news received by the security force “will be collected only as a formal matter.”

On August 5 at noon, Anne Heche crashed, first, into the wall of a parking lot of one of the apartment complexes in the Mar Vista areain Los Angeles. Minutes later he sped his blue Mini Cooper and crashed into a house on the corner of Preston Way and Walgrove Avenue, very close to the scene of the first incident.

Actress Anne Heche suffered a fatal accident. (Photos: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni – video capture by Backgrid/The Grosby Group)

The actress suffered severe burns to her body after her car was engulfed in flames as a result of the accident. Also, the house he crashed into also caught fire. According to witnesses, “she had scars on her back and was writhing in pain” when they tried to get her into the ambulance and then rush her to the hospital.

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The actress was in the burning car for 30 minutes before firefighters arrived. The Los Angeles Fire Department said it took 59 men 65 minutes to put out the flames.

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