This is the picturesque and unusual Argentine tourist destination highlighted by Time magazine

Argentina is full of places to visit. Sites outside the provincial capitals that are worth knowing either for their attractive landscapes as well as for the experiences they offer. In this case Rosario de la Frontera, in Saltait is recognized in the world for its hot springs and recently Time magazine highlighted it among the most seductive points of skipping tourism.

In its latest edition of the ranking of the “50 best places in the world of 2022“, the medium weighed two Argentine destinations. One of them was Salta, which he defined as a location with “authentic charm”. “Known for its imposing landscape, vibrant culture and award-winning wines, the province of Salta welcomes tourists this year with a new (and old) experience that is guaranteed to warm the soul and soothe the body,” Time mentioned.

How do you choose these places? As detailed, the media requests its network of correspondents and collaborators around the world who nominate places that offer “new and exciting experiences”.

hot spring paradise

One of the highlighted spots within the Salteo landscape was the Hotel Termas de Rosario de la Frontera, which this year celebrates its 142nd anniversary. This city It is located 174 kilometers from the provincial capital. and stands out for its hot springs.

The building of the Hotel Termas dates from 1880

Total It has 9 springs from which thermal waters sprout ranging from 25C (hypothermal) to 99C (hyperthermal). Inside the hotel there is the possibility of taking baths or consuming 7 types of hot springs. For example, the “Thermal Mud”, at 35 C, is indicated for people with sciatica, skin diseases and neuralgia; while “Salda”, at 89 C, is recommended for those with joint and muscular rheumatism.

Tourism and gastronomy

However, Rosario de la Frontera also has other attractions, such as the Juan Carlos Rivas Archaeological Museum, which has a collection of vessels used by the Chiriguano-Chan. In addition, there are spaces for hiking, mountain biking, trekking and horseback riding.

As for gastronomy, the empanadas de matambre, the marinated beans and, of course, the thermal water to drink. For its part, Salta recently added one of the top restaurants in the region. El Baqueano moved from Buenos Aires and opened his new headquarters on top of Cerro San Bernardo. The establishment founded by Gabriela Lafuente and Fernando Rivarola ranked 21st in the latest ranking of the 50 Best in Latin America.

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