This was the crossover between María Becerra and Rusherking in the middle of Tiago’s show, with the presence of “China” Suárez | Chronicle

The love relationship between the artists Maria Becerra and Rusherking It did not end in the best way with the rumors of infidelity on his part with none other than the actress Eugenia PorcelainSuarez. This Saturday, the three were at the concert of Tiago PZK and the referents of urban music were on the same stage.

In the last moments of their courtship, both Calf and how Run They launched themselves with controversial comments from social networks before confirming the end of their relationship. A short time later, the young man Santiago del Estero announced his affair with China Suarez.

When he first spoke about the bond with the famous actress, the 22-year-old artist described: “I am very much in love and very well with someone. It’s really been a long time since I felt like this”. A comment that was not very generous with “the girl from Argentina”.

The recital with the three present

Until this Saturday, María and Thomás had not been shown in the same place. The framework was the presentation of his friend Tiago PZKwho gave a recital, and managed to get both of them to participate in a special way in his show.

Maria Becerra shared moments from Tiago PZK’s recital on Instagram.

The change of letter by China

Although the ex-partner did not share the recital at the same time with the singer of great mountain. In this sense, the singer of Quilmes was seen in the audience after her performance and fans captured her reaction to seeing Run on the boards. The video went viral on tik tok very quickly.

The images of the recital show that Becerra sang the lyrics of the song they performed together Rusherking and Tiago PZK. “Rusherking singing with María Becerra present”, wrote the tiktoker next to the clip and the users did not take long to comment on the unprecedented situation.

“Mari singing the theme no matter what happened is the most”, “That song that talks about ‘letting go’, they are trying to do the best for their mutual friendships, which is what matters”, and “So beautiful Mari, always so good vibes with everyone.” were some of the reactions of the users.

Meanwhile, at a time when María Becerra was in one area of ​​the place, China Suárez did the same in another part and in the middle of the public. The actress attended the recital to support and accompany her new partner and demonstrated it through her latest posts in her stories from Instagram.

China Suárez shared the Rusherking moments with Tiago PZK.

China Suárez shared the Rusherking moments with Tiago PZK.

Although there were no comments on Mary Becerraa moment of great tension in the recital of Tiago PZK It was when he performedI know that you”, where the letter recalls and mentions the love relationship between the former couple.

I pick her up at night and in bed we give her until morning// Mommy, like Rusher and María// Or like Rauw and Rosalía// She was with someone else and she was mine, when he came, baby”, indicates the original version. This time the musician great mountain improvised a live change: “Mommy as Rusher and China”.

The video of this moment also generated reactions. “Then Rusher is going to split up and they are going to change the lyrics again or what”, Wrote a user jokingly.

Another clarified that no one sang that new arrangement: “The entire audience said ‘mommy how Rusher and Maria’ and they added the Chinese. But we all named Maria”.

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