three unmissable activities for this weekend in Allen

Sometimes it is not necessary to do many kilometers to have a good time. It is not essential to have money to rent ski equipment and pay for expensive passes to a hill. There are days when it is only enough that you feel like it, that you allocate time to enjoy. Because in the valley, you can also be a tourist, and Allen proves it to you with this proposal for a weekend and three adventures.

Active Tourism, the city of Allen invites everyone who wants to explore and venture into its natural environment. From tourism of the municipality, they propose to enjoy the riverside coast, go down the river or come into contact with the animals in Bubalcó.

Island Trail 16

This cycling circuit has an extension of 9 kilometers. The starting point is in the downtown area of ​​the city, at the Monument to the Pear, located one block from the Municipal Palace. Then, we go through the main access to the city, Amadeo Biló, finding productive farms along the way, and its varied color palette.

The tour ends at the Municipal Spa.

Once you enter the West Coast sector, you cross a bridge with a majestic view, to visit Island 16. This area has a bird watching area, followed by a path of great foliage that is home to numerous native species. The tour ends at the Municipal Spa.

This activity lasts 2 hours, and is a great opportunity to connect with its placid natural environment.

Float down the Rio Negro

This proposal challenges tourists and adventurers to travel 6 kilometers along the Negro River, allowing the enjoyment of the watercourse from inside.

Travel 6 km along the Negro River.

The floated are ideal for visualizing landscapes that contrast and impact the view from the aridity of the southern fence to the green of the vegetation. These characteristics make the crossing an excellent proposal that adapts to all seasons of the year.

During the ‘descent’ you can see corners that are rarely visited, due to their accessibility. The calm of the space provides an excellent opportunity to discover the species that live there.

he calm of space provides an excellent opportunity.

Each exit has the necessary equipment to protect visitors. A specialized guide gives a talk before starting the tour, explaining the safety regulations.
Contact (Wala Adventures): 2984126009

Tour in Bubalco Patagonia

With an availability of trails that add up to a total of 5 kilometers in length, the Bubalcó park, with a modern imprintIt receives more than forty thousand visitors throughout the year, mainly from North Patagonia and the rest of the country.

Bubalcó Patagonia presents the largest aviary in the world, located on the north bank of the Negro River. The uniqueness of its facilities makes this place a unique setting to learn and learn about exotic and native fauna and flora. Its innovative architectural design blends with the natural environment.

The 34-hectare property has rest areas, toilets and a large confectionery. The tour lasts approximately 3 hours. Contact: 2984731612

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