Tips for packing your bags – 08/28/2022

To travel lightweight and waste-free set its roots in the sightseeing; hence, packing the bags for these holidays lands with new habits, even more so in times of the covid pandemic. “We will pack thinking about how the family, the couple or one of us intends to enjoy that moment and, in this way, we will identify what we want to give priority to, what we want to live and we will have greater clarity when choosing what we will take”, expresses the co-founder of Las Ordenautas, the joint venture of workshops and personalized advice on order according to the Konmari method of the organization’s muse marie condo.

For the lawyer, sociologist and computer operator Lina Pinzón, it is key not to get overwhelmed with the packing process or with the probable scenarios (and, in general, associated with the lack or forgetfulness of some hygiene element, a garment, etc.).

“You don’t have to worry about carrying few things and start saving ‘just in case’. Trust in our ability to solve eventualities. If you forgot your toothbrush -a classic-, you can buy it in any store or supermarket. It’s about approaching packing with a relaxed intention,” she adds.

To enjoy the trip from the beginning (not spending the night packing) and not to carry more than necessary, Pinzón suggests, first of all, be versatile. Think about multifunctionality. Opt for garments with multiple uses, such as a bathrobe that works as a dress or the inevitable little black dress. A white shirt, jeans and shoes in good condition save the look.

Think vertical. If your suitcase is rectangular, assume that it is a wardrobe drawer that when you open it you see each garment. “As simple as taking from the drawer to the suitcase because you know where, why and how you have everything in your wardrobe”, he adds.

Another tip is to pack by category. “Store clothes with clothes, electronics such as cables and chargers in a pencil case, an organizer for underwear, a cosmetic bag for makeup and personal care,” suggests Pinzón, who also considers packing by outfits for each day, a valid option. and practical when traveling with children.

“The maxim is that it gives us happiness, joy, pleasure and tranquility, within the framework of functionality”.

suitable suitcase

Both the suitcase and the hard suitcase, the carry on, the backpack or back pack, the weekender and the unstructured briefcase are packed in a different way. “But the common denominator is to make a mattress at the bottom (in the irregular part) packing the heavy things at the bottom so that the suitcase gains stability and gradually putting the less heavy things on top; another option is to leave the things of the first day and the first night at hand and so on”, adds the strategic designer.

If you travel with children, they must be responsible for their things. If you let the child pack his own suitcase, he will want to wear his costumes; but if you tell him to keep three pants and three shirts, he will have some freedom of choice between the functionality options you put on him.

Tracy Arango, certified in the Konmari method, shares these tips:

Check the itinerary. From the activities you do, you will decide the wardrobe to pack. “If I go to a hot climate, I have to wear a bathing suit. Or if I’m going to cold weather, a nature destination, or the mountains and I know there’s a chance of a hike, I should pack (or wear) a coat; or if I’m going on a trip with a celebration included, I have to wear a formal dress, ”she explains.

Avoid extra weight. Keep in mind that you will have to move the suitcase from one place to another. “Look for it not to weigh and do not carry liquid products because they are heavy. Avoid taking the shampoo with you, and if you can’t stop using it, repackage it in silicone bottles that don’t weigh you down or choose bar shampoos that are also organic,” recommends Arango.

roll up the clothes. Softer textiles and jeans take up more space if they are folded; it is better to roll them up and place them in the upper parts of the suitcase; and in the end, shoes, electronics, books…

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