Tips for recovering a plant after the holidays

When we got back from holidays it’s a classic to meet almost withered that plant that we are so fond of. However, we must know that you may have another chance. To do this you have to know how and what to do and give a margin of a few days to see if it reacts to the watch out That we give. To make it easier for you, we leave you a list of tips.

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As stated on its website Greenheartstore specializing in plants, when these have suffered severe dehydration by not watering them, they have the possibility of save yourself once. To win her back, we must give her more attention and pampering than usual. Although remember that there are floors Y flowers They don’t need as much water and are ideal for summer.

To recover a plant after the holidays: remove leaves, branches and withered flowers

Delete the sheetsthe remaining and the Dead flowers it is a crucial step to recover a plant after the holidays. no matter how much thirst has passed, because if they are not eliminated, continue making the effort to rehydrate and send sage Y nutrients to these areas. In fact, this process constitutes a critical attrition for a dehydrated plant. For this reason, if we make a detailed pruningwe will achieve that optimize the forces and energies sent through the subscriber and the irrigation. The consequence is that your garden will be better cared for.

To recover a plant after the holidays: make the correct diagnosis

To say that our plant is dry for lack of water It would be the simplest and something that we would do with the naked eye, but it is not that easy. There are factors that together with dehydration can make it incurable. One scenario could be dryness mixed with excessive sun exposure. This forces us, momentarily, to find him another corner in the homewhere it receives a lot of light, but without the direct incidence of Sun rays. And it is that, even if it is one of those beautiful plants ideal for summer, we are going to have to rehydrated properly before exposing it again to the ultraviolet rays.

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The second case to evaluate is whether its weakness is due to different pestswhich also appear due to lack of irrigation. It is vitally important to review it and make the elimination of infections become a priority to ensure that subsequent tasks are successful. And, for example, you can put your plant back in the beach basket that you like so much, right on top of the living room furniture.

To recover a plant after the holidays: rehydration is essential

Rehydration is not about Immerse plant. It is a task that must be done with more head to achieve that retrieve the degree of humidity that this demand. We will start by removing the top layer of earthto be caked due to dehydration, thus preventing the correct passage of water. After this, the ideal is to remove the root ball of the plant from the pot in which it is placed, and then submerge it in warm water during 10 minutes. Then we wring out the excess before repositioning it and using it as a decoration element.

To recover a plant after the holidays: repot it in a larger pot and with new substrate

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If we observe that our plant needs poor care to react, in addition to hydration, it will be a good idea transplant it using a big mallet and changing the substratum for a new one. The racesBeing in a place with larger dimensions, they will begin to grow, something that is essential for the new outbreak of the plant. Remember that one big plant fraud flowers Y pretty leaves is the reflection of some healthy breeds. Likewise, by adding a new substrate, you will be giving it all the necessary nutrients to revive and you can redecorate your balcony with it.

To recover a plant after the holidays: hydrate all its leaves

The environmental dryness It may be causing our plant not to finish getting healthy. This is a very common factor during the rainy season. summeras heat waves occur. If so, you will need to hydrate its leaves based on two types of plants main. the ones that are drought tolerantin which only enough with spray its leaves with water; and those that require large amounts of humidity. For the latter you will have to go a step further, creating a small greenhouse putting a bag on the plant after watering it, but always keeping it away from the sun, because the effect of heat can cause the opposite effect What are we searching for.

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