Tips to make the best photo album of your vacation

Keep the photographs in physical format It still has its advantages, since it allows you to better observe its details, keep them as a souvenir in an album and even use them as decoration. That is why it is important to take into account a series of tips to prepare our own holiday album and get some photos with the highest possible quality and then print them at home. There are certain aspects that can impoverish the photo qualitysuch as color, pixels, or frames. Taking these details into account, we will be able to take the photographs with higher resolution. These are the five recommendations so that the photographs are perfect:

camera settings: There are some camera options that can be changed to get the best photo quality. We must use a resolution of 250 and 300 dpi. Not only cameras allow these changes but some smartphones also offer this option. If the device does not reach this resolution, you should always choose the highest quality available.

color control: It may happen that the colors on the screen end up being different from the printed result. Using “ICC profiles” you can see the original color of the photo on any device. To install them, you need to have some photo editing application. Another option is to calibrate the computer monitor, through computer programs, to adjust the screen so that there are no major differences between what is projected and what is printed.

aspect ratio: The most common is that the photos have a 3:2 ratio, the most similar to the vision of the human eye. However, for digital photos, 4:3, a squarer ratio, is often used. It is important to know what you are going to use your photos for in order to set the aspect ratio correctly.

photographic paper: Paper quality is almost as important as getting your photos right. There are different types of finishes: gloss, semi-gloss or matte.

ink: Like the paper, the ink with which the printing is done must be of good quality. Printing materials are very important to have a good physical photograph.
Why print photos? What printer to use?

Saving photos in the cloud or device memory makes it sometimes difficult to find the one we want. Some technological failures can also lead us to lose them. Currently, printers are very easy to use, comfortable and cheap. There is a large catalog with multiple functions, allowing you to use the one that best suits you comfortably and quickly.

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