TITO electric car already sells more than models of massive brands

Sales of titus electric car they continue to exceed expectations and in August, the manufacturer Coradir managed to impose itself on many massive and premium brands, closing one of the best months since its launch.

According to the patenting report of the Association of Automotive Dealers of the Argentine Republic (ACARA), they were sold 25 units of Tituswhich positions the electric above the total sales of brands such as lexusram, and several of Chinese origin such as Shineray and Changan.

Compared with other models in the general market, more Tito electric cars were sold than Chevrolet Equinox, Volkswagen Vento and Toyota CR-H. Also behind in the ranking are Chery Tiggo 2, Volkswagen Gol, Peugeot 5008, Audi A1, Honda Fit, Mini and Honda CR-V.among others.

Although they are different segments and prices, the rapid penetration of titus in the market surprises and leaves a clear signal: the cheapest electric cars have an opportunity in the market, just as it happens in the rest of the world.

The Tito electric car, in the ranking of the most patented

Among the 50 automakers with the most sales in August, Coradir, manufacturer of Tito, ranked 22nd, with 105 patents so far this year.

The best-selling model is the S2-100that is, the two-door with 100 kilometers of autonomy and without air conditioning, which is the first to reach the market.

The Tito electric car is offered with 2 and 5 door versions

In addition, Coradir marketed a special batch of Tito 5-door, 50 units that were sold several months ago were just launched, and you are ready to patent the tita truck, an electric utility vehicle that is already in dealerships.

Among all the vehicles from the St. Louis-based manufacturer, In less than a year since its launch, the facilities were expanded to to be able to produce more on different lines, and to speed up the delivery process to customers.

Tito electric car: engine, features and price

Tito is offered today in two body options with a range of 6 versions. Among them you can choose the Tito S2 100 and the S2 100 AA, which is the three-door with or without air conditioning; and the 5-door Tito, with a range of 100 km, with or without AA; and another combined with a 300 km battery, with or without AA.

As for its characteristics, the electric car is built with a steel chassis and a self-supporting sheet metal bodywork (its competitors use a fiberglass bodywork, which is why Tito achieved greater success), the battery is an 8kwh lithium battery with 2000 battery charge cycles, or the 21kwh special with 300 kilometers of autonomy for the S5-300 model.

Being a small car, suitable for driving in the city (measuring 2.83 m long, 1.50 m wide and 1.56 high), this model has a maximum speed of 65 km per hour. It has seat belts both in the front seats and in the rear seats, remote central locking and electric windows, among other things. It does not have air bags (airbags) because it is enabled by law.

In as for autonomythere are two options depending on the version chosen. In the case of choosing the 3-door, it reaches a range of 100 km. In case of choosing the 5-door model, it can be combined with the 21KW lithium battery with 300 kilometers of autonomy.

The Tito is manufactured in San Luis with a more resistant material than the competition.

The Tito electric car is manufactured in San Luis with a more resistant material than the competition

Tito electric car prices

Tito is sold online or at dealerships that are distributed throughout the country. As for prices, the national electric car starts with the S2 version with 100 km of autonomy and without Air Conditioning (AA) at $16,500, that is, $2,392,500 at the official exchange rate of the day the operation is closed (today $145). The same model can be chosen with AA, which costs $17,750.

In case of choosing the Tito S5, that is, 5-door, with 100 km of autonomy, costs $18,000 without air conditioning (AC). The same version with AA, costs $19,250.

If it is the 5-door without air, and with 300 km of autonomy, it amounts to $22,000, while the 5-door with 300 km of autonomy and AA amounts to $23,250. The maximum value is 3,371,250 pesos.

Although the price of the most economical is close to the cheapest car on the market, which is the Toyota Etios at $2,800,000, while the most expensive exceeds many massive models, the advantage of Tito lies in its economy of consumption. This vehicle spends 1 to 10 in relation to a combustion carwith a battery that lasts 2000 charge cycles. This economy is highly valued by those who use the vehicle for logistics purposes or to drive on a daily basis.

For example, a small car requires about $15,000 a month to travel 45 kilometers a day. In this case, it is the 1% that will be needed to make the same path.

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