Tito: how did the San Luis electric car outsell other brands

Among the trends that were sustained during the year, despite the exchange rate and political instability and all those things that are part of living in Argentina, is the success of titusthe electric car national industry who was born in the midst of the pandemic and presales sold out.

Made in St. Louis by the company Coordinatethe booming model demonstrated to the public that automotive market scene is being reconfigured. In less than 48 hours Since its official launch, Tito has sold out 500 units of its three-door version and 50 units of its five-door version.

According to data from the report published by the Online Information System of the Argentine Automotive Market (SIOMAA), the electric citycar achieved more sales than several prestigious brands with a long history in the world of cars. In fact, it’s in the top 25 of the best-selling light vehicles in the countrywith a cumulative of 79 patented units.

In July they recorded 26 patents del Tito, a number with which it outsold brands in the premium segment such as lexuswhich sold 19 units; returnwho sold 16; subaruwho sold 12; mitsubishiwho sold 11; Y Miniwho sold nine.

All Tito models are manufactured in Argentina and are sold online and at dealerships.CORADIR

In tune with what is beginning to happen in the world, electric cars presented in the first half of 2022 a 28.7% increase in the local market compared to the same period in 2021. In this sector, the most outstanding brands were Toyota, Ford, DS and Coradir.

One of the benefits that explains the progress of electric cars is the low cost of maintenance and the ease of recharging. The only maintenance that the Tito requires is the revision of the brakes, shock absorbers and tires; and can be loaded as a appliance of 220V. Plugged in overnight, it completes its charge in a period between 6 and 8 hours, in addition to allowing partial loads. “In order to become independent from the problem of the charging infrastructure, the Tito 100% electric is designed to be slow charging; so that whoever acquires an electric vehicle does not have to make any type of modification in their home”, they assured from Coradir.

Tito has 67% local integration.
Tito has 67% local integration. CORADIR

The success of the national electric car led the company to expand the range of modelsand today Tito comes in two versions, with a range of six models. Among them are the Titus of three doors, that can be achieved with or without air conditioning; and, on the other hand, there is the version of five doors, which can be chosen with an autonomy of 100km or 300km, in both cases with the possibility of choosing a model with or without air conditioning.

In both cases we speak of a purely urban model, built with steel chassis and self-supporting sheet metal body, with a 4.5kW power electric motor, that reaches a maximum speed of 65 km/h.

It has a lithium-ferrophosphate battery placed under the floor with a capacity of 2000 charging cycles, which translates to some 200,000 kilometers of travel. In the case of models with a range of 100 km, there is talk of an 8kwh battery; and in the case of models with a range of 300 km, the battery is 21kwh

The Tito electric car produced in San Luis
The Tito electric car produced in San LuisCORADIR

Its interior is simple. It has a multifunction steering wheel for audio and telephone, electric windows, remote door opening, and a multimedia touch screen. with AM/FM radio, MP3 player, backup camera, Bluetooth, USB input and parking sensors.

Tito is sold online or at dealerships throughout the country. As for the pricesthe base unit with three doors, 100 km of autonomy and without air conditioning is $17,000 Y $18,250 With air conditioner.

The range has two versions and six models.
The range has two versions and six models.

In the case of choosing the five-door version, the model with 100 km of autonomy comes out $18,000 without air conditioning, and $19,500 With air conditioner; and the model with 300 km of autonomy amounts to $22,000 without air conditioning, and $23,250 With air conditioner.

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