Tito, the electric car, already sells more than premium and Chinese brands

A few months after the first patenting of the titus electric car manufactured in San Luis, the growth of this model is more encouraging than that of large automakers with a long history in the global automotive market.

According to the sales of Coradir, the company that manufactures it, In July, 23 Tito units were patented, a number that positions it above brands that, among all its models, do not reach two dozen.

Among them are the Chinese Shineray, with 17 units; Photon with 14; Changan with 13; Baic and Haval with 8; and Faw with 2, among others. also him win at premium automotivethat among all its models, Lexus sold 19 units; Volvo 16 units; Subaru 12; Mitsubishi 11; and Mini 9.

Tito, the electric car, patented 23 units in July

Although it is a small city car to circulate only in the city, Tito is being a surprise even for his manufacturerwho consider that the low maintenance costs and the savings between charging the battery and filling a fuel tank, with a ratio of 1 to 10 to the benefit of the former, are some of its advantages so that it positions itself as an option for every day.

Tito electric car: sells out pre-sales and adds versions

From launch less than a year ago Tito sold out a presale of 500 units of the version with three doors in a few days. Then, to continue underpinning the good expectations that were generated among customers, the pre-sale of a special series of 50 units of a model with 5 doors, also sold out in less than 48 hours.

All this led the company to think about expanding production, as well as the model range so that various combinations of bodies and equipment can be made, where the main difference has to do with choosing it with or without Air Conditioning -AA-; and with batteries with greater or less autonomy.

Tito in 5-door version.

Tito in 5-door version.

In this way, Tito is offered today in two versions with a range of 6 models. Among them you can choose the Titus S2 100 and S2 100 AA, which is the three-door with or without air conditioning; and the 5-door Tito, with a range of 100 km, with or without AA; and another combined with a 300 km battery, with or without AA.

Among other details, Tito is built with a steel chassis and a self-supporting sheet metal bodywork (its competitors use a fiberglass bodywork, which is why the Tito achieved greater success), an 8kwh lithium battery and 2000 charge cycles for the S5-100 model. and a 21kwh lithium battery with 300 kilometers of autonomy for the S5-300 model. It has seat belts both in the front seats and in the rear seats, remote central locking and lifts electric windows, among other things.

Tito electric car prices

Tito is manufactured in San Luis and is already sold online or at dealerships that are distributed throughout the country.

In terms of prices, the car National electricity company starts with the S2 version with 100 km of autonomy and without Air Conditioning (AA) at US$16,500 at the official exchange rate of the day the operation is closed (today $136). The same model can be chosen with AA, which costs $17,750.

In case of choosing the Titus S5that is, 5 doors, with 100 km of autonomy, it costs US$18,000 without air conditioning (AA). The same version with AA, costs $19,500.

Tito at the dealerships: the price starts at $16,500.

Tito at the dealerships: the price starts at $16,500.

The Tito car model with 5 doors without air, and 300 km of autonomy, amounts to $22,000, while the 5-door model with 300 km of autonomy and AA amounts to $23,250.

To buy it, you can do it with a $200 reserveby digital method or bank deposit. After 30 days 20% is paid and when the car is delivered the total.

Premium and Chinese cars, complicated by obstacles to import

Although the electric car Tito is a city car that has nothing to do with premium or Chinese brand models, is achieving a good market share and has the advantage of being manufactured in the country, for which there are no restrictions on its production and sales.

In the case of imported carsToday they have many complications to enter the country, in addition to their high price in dollars, since although they are quoted at the official value, many dealers currently ask for the dollar bill because it is not easy to replace that currency.

in front of the small electric rivals also manufactured in Argentina, like Volt and Sero Electric, too It is a success due to the difference in construction, better quality and more resistantin addition to autonomy, which is now longer lasting and reaches 300 km.

With these advantages, Tito is the great promise of the market and from Coradir they promise to add new models.

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