To pure music and accompanied by his son Lolo: this was Marcelo Tinelli’s return to television with Sing with Me Now

Marcelo Tinelli arrived with his son Lolo at the debut of Sing with Me Now (Video: El Trece)

The music from “Leave the Door Open” by sonic silk -the superduple made up of anderson pack Y bruno mars in the singer’s voice Philip Herrerawho then hooks him like potpourri to “Locked Out Of Heaven”. After a while, the singer appears Lula Rosenthal in the role of Nathy Peluso in his “BZRP Music Session #36”, to pass the baton back to Herrera, who took another clue of Shaved offthe session #48 fraud Tiago PZK. Between these songs passed the first minutes of the first program of sing with me now (The thirteen). Y Marcelo Tinelli?

So far nothing. Because the one below is Paul Lescanoto pure cumbia and together with johanna rodriguezthe former lead singer of Viru Kumbieroninterpreting the hit “You are going to miss me”. And only later, with the dance floor very hot and surrounded by the heat of the public that took over the set, Marcelo appeared, hand in hand with Lolo, his youngest son and a huge smile crossing his face. “How cute this is, how you missed it!” was the first thing heard from the driver’s mouth.

This was the beginning of Sing With Me Now (Video: El Trece)

We started it with the traditional greeting: ‘Good evening, America!‘”, Marcelo finally exclaimed, at exactly 10:40 p.m., ten minutes after the announcement. Immediately afterwards, he asked Lolo (“Today we have the co-driver”, introduced him) to do the same and the boy repeated the classic catchphrase.

“How nice to return to TV, by God. Good night, America, good night Argentina, good night to all the family that is there on the other side”, he greeted again and defined this Monday night as “the most awaited day for all of us. Hopefully for you too”.

Marcelo Tinelli came to Canta Conmigo Now with the help of his son Lolo

I am with all my children accompanying me: Cande from the jury, Mica from Mexico. A new year on TV, with a new format and a beautiful challenge for all of us, who love making television so much.”, added Tinelli who is not only accompanied by his family, but also by a historical one in his cycles, as is Marcela Feudalein her role as announcer.

“¡¡What a beautiful moment and how beautiful everything you see around here! Look what this scenery is, please”, said Tinelli about the spectacular environment of the show. The program, recorded, takes place in the new studio of LaFlia mounted on what was the Dancing and it consists of a circular stage in the center of the place with speakers arranged on the floor, an armed gallery for 100 jurors, two smaller ones on the sides for relatives and friends of the participants, all surrounded by many LED screens.

Pablo Lescano interpreted "You will miss me" at the opening of Sing With Me Now (Ramiro Souto)
Pablo Lescano performed “You are going to miss me” at the opening of Sing With Me Now (Ramiro Souto)

Then it was time to introduce some of the most notable members of the jury. First, they passed their daughter Candelaria with her partner, the singer and composer Coti Sorokinwho entered the studio with the music of “Nothing was a mistake.” “I loved the idea of ​​the show. If she wasn’t there, I wouldn’t come”, said the musician. “It was mutual. If he didn’t go, neither did I.”, completed Cande. Then it was the turn of Jose Luis The Puma Rodriguez and of Cristian castrowho also had their moment with Tinelli.

A while later, a quick pan was made for the rest of the 100 jurors, including composers, singers, actors, actresses, doctors, temple singers, drag queens. Among them, some familiar faces were seen, such as Gladys La Bomba Tucumana, Luciano The Tirri June, Manuel Wirtz, Locho Loccisano Y The Bahian.

Cande Tinelli and Coti Sorokin debuted in Sing With Me Now (Video: El Trece)

At 23.01 he went on stage Foreign24 years old, who became the first participant of the cycle, doing a version of “Somebody To Love”, classic of Queen. “I’m dying singing in front of all these monsters, I don’t know how you did it,” Marcelo praised her at the end of his performance.

The first jury to speak was Cristian Castro, who gave him a good return. “I love your presence, it’s very fresh. something has”, said the Mexican. Ailén’s score was 92 pointsleaving the bar high for the following participants.

Ailen, the first participant of Sing With Me Now (Video: El Trece)

After the participation of Olivia, who sang “Bachata rosa” by Juan Luis Guerra (he scored 51 points), Tinelli had his first interaction with the judges and stretched the limits of the format, true to form. “You did not stop on any topic, is something wrong with the chair?Marcel joked. And the jurors simply said that the interpretation of the singers who had passed until that moment did not “it came to us”.

In this first shipment, the singers went one by one to show their stuff and, later, they had a minimum round trip with the driver and also with part of the jury, who made a return. Later, It was time for the score that decided whether or not to remain on the podium of the best of the day.

Part of the jury of Canta Conmigo Now, made up of 100 people, among whom there are familiar faces such as El Bahiano, Locho Loccisano, El Tirri and Gladys La Bomba Tucumana, among others
Part of the jury of Canta Conmigo Now, made up of 100 people, among whom there are familiar faces such as El Bahiano, Locho Loccisano, El Tirri and Gladys La Bomba Tucumana, among others

After the participation of eight singers, Monday’s podium was made up of Maxi Y Foreign (both with 92 points but in the tiebreaker he was first, who performed a flamenco by Diego el Cigala) and Matias Munoz, who reached the mark of 87 out of 100.

At 23.54 on Monday and with a brand of 12.1 rating (two hundredths above The Argentine Voiceits direct competitor, from Telefe), Tinelli ended this first broadcast. “So far we come, gentlemen. The first night was over. Tomorrow eight more participants will come to try to unseat you”, he told those on the podium.

At 11:54 p.m. on Monday, Marcelo Tinelli said goodbye to the first broadcast of Canta Conmigo Now (Photos: Ramiro Souto)
At 11:54 p.m. on Monday, Marcelo Tinelli said goodbye to the first broadcast of Canta Conmigo Now (Photos: Ramiro Souto)

“Thanks to all the excellent jury for the predisposition, for the talent that is in that incredible gallery,” added Tinelli and said goodbye to his people, looking at the camera. “Thank you for joining us every night on the screen of El Trece. See you tomorrow, at 10:30 p.m., with Sing With Me Now. Thank you, bye, bye, bye, bye… bye!”, the driver said goodbye.


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