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Tour operators in Mar del Plata demand details about the Pre-Trip 3 and they assure that the lack of definitions regarding the new edition of the program is generating a “standstill” in the sector for the low season.

At the end of June, the national government announced the launch of the third edition of the Pre-Trip, the program that aims to promote the reactivation of tourism, but for the moment it was not specified when it will be possible to start marketing and on what date. trips will be included.

“Pre-Trip 3 is awaited with great anxiety, because it is a good measure that could mobilize tourism, but this delay in the output for sale has been paralyzing us for quite some timesince people are taking time to organize their trip to do it with the benefit of that return that the program gives, which is very important”, assured the president of the Association of Travel and Tourism Companies (aevyt) from Mar del Plata, marcela tripianain dialogue with THE CAPITAL.

In this sense, Tripiana assured: “People ask what is going to happen to travel agents and we are one more that is pressing for the Pre-Trip to come out, but still the information from the Ministry of Tourism is that they are finalizing details, but they have been finalizing them for several months”. “This is not good for the sector,” she emphasized.

Along the same lines, the president of the Tourism Entity (Emtur), Bernardo Martinwho maintained that from the national government “they need to be absolutely clear about how they are going to implement it and how they are going to carry it out, because it is delaying the reservations and people are waiting to finalize it.” “They announced it, but it is not clear, we lack details,” he warned.

It should be remembered that the Ministry of Tourism and Sports enabled as of June 29 the registration for tourism providers who want to participate in Pre-Trip 3, which in this third edition aims to “encourage getaways during the medium and low seasons”, reported through a statement.

“The only thing that was reported is that we providers could already sign up, but after there is no information on when it can start to be marketed, there is no information on what date the trips would be includedthere are rumors that it would be from September to November, but there is nothing official information, “warned Tripiana.

“There are no definitions, there are rumours”, agreed the president of the Gastronomic Hotel Business Association (AEHG) from Mar del Plata, Jesus Osornowho also regretted that the program was not launched for this winter break in the city. “We thought we would have it for winter holidays and we don’t have it”he pointed.

At the beginning of this month, from the Business Chamber of Bars, Restaurants and Related (Zebra) also asked for clarification about the conditions of Pre-Trip 3, considering that it “directly affects” them, since in previous editions many people from Mar del Plata used the modality to pay the rent -per season or monthly- of the tent or umbrella.

care prices

In this framework, tour operators in the city referred to the possibility that the next edition of the Pre-Trip include a “price agreement”as proposed by the Vice President of the Nation, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchnerduring an act in the city of El Calafate, in Santa Cruz.

Against this background, the president of the Aevyt noted that “these decisions are made together.” “All of us who participate in the tourism sector have to sit down and see to what extent a price can be set for it to go on sale, but there are ways to reach an agreement,” she assured.

In turn, Tripiana stated that “setting a price aims to avoid abuses in values, which also exist and we all have to take care that there is not, but also in our country inflation does not stop,” he stressed.

For his part, Osorno warned that “there are destinations that Care Prices can play against.” “I don’t know if they can hold it”advancement.

Meanwhile, the president of Emtur was more emphatic about this possibility and opined: “If you don’t fix the price of the dollar, inflation, the macroeconomic situation, requesting a price agreement from providers is absurd”.

“No price agreement worked in Argentina and I don’t think it will work now”, concluded Martín.

Fernández de Kirchner had mentioned that the government should establish price policies with the chambers of the tourism sector to “take advantage” of public sector investment.

“I think the government should convene the hotel chamber and the gastronomic chamber to coordinate price policies, because this sector is one of the ones that has contributed the most, along with textiles and others, to the formation of the inflation index.”

Finally, The Vice President considered that “those who do not want to agree on prices” should not be adhered to the Pre-Trip program.

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