Tourism in ranches: a good plan to do with family or friends

Connect with nature, find tranquility, eat delicious food, ride a horse, enjoy a diaphanous sunrise, read in the shade of a willow tree or a felling with the birds and the breeze as a soundtrack. More and more travelers choose rural destinations for weekend getaways, with family or friends, and even for work team meetings. The countryside offers everything those who want to get away from the urban frenzy and enjoy a few days of peace are looking for. The offer is very varied. Less than four hours by car from our homes, we can cross a gate and dedicate ourselves to resting.

Operators and references in the tourism sector agree that after the pandemic, a furor was generated by short trips, to nearby destinations, in quiet places, with large tracts of land, and where the connection with nature is the protagonist.

Rural tourism, in our province, is combined with proposals such as horseback riding, hot air balloon rides, guided bicycle circuits along dirt roads, astrotourism, walks through wild landscapes, popular festivals, harvesting honey or grapes in small vineyards, hot springs , Tourist Towns, and typical gastronomy (empanadas, chopped, roasts, homemade desserts). These modalities are in strong demand throughout the year.

Carriage rides in Cañuelas / Estancia Puesto Viejo

A few kilometers from La Plata, we have lagoons, rivers and immense open spaces from which we can contemplate the sky to the horizon, without the visual or sound “noise” that can overwhelm in the metropolises. Farms prepared for receptive tourism offer peace, traditional cuisine and comfort for all types of travellers, both the most demanding and those with a smaller budget but the same desire to get away from it all for a couple of days. It is a matter of digging a bit on the Internet pages and on the platforms for tourism, to find numerous options. In this note, we show you some possibilities, with nice stories behind each one.


In just an hour and a half of travel, the town of Cañuelas offers a dream landscape and quality tourist services. Estancia “Puesto Viejo” offers the best of the countryside just minutes from the city. It is a 220-hectare property located on kilometer 82 of Route 6, minutes from the Cañuelense urbanized area. The property includes a boutique hotel, an events room, a polo club, a glamping area and a real estate development.

The boutique hotel has ten en-suite rooms. The stays include full board and activities such as horseback riding, carriage rides, bike rides and a spectacular infinity pool. The hotel offers packages for the day or longer stays, any option is the ideal getaway to relax surrounded by nature.

“Puesto Viejo continues to grow and a few months ago we incorporated glamping, a term that derives from ‘glamorous camping,’” explain the hosts: “The camp has 21 African tents built on raised decks. Each tent has a carpet, beds with their respective clothes, towels and a private bathroom. The space is completed with a dining carpoon and a stove. It is a super original experience minutes from the city.”

A few kilometers from La Plata you can fully enjoy rural tourism

The Puesto Viejo Clubhouse is an excellent option for holding corporate or social events. The large windows in the main room highlight the impressive views of the polo fields and the surrounding area. The room can accommodate up to 160 people for banquets, while the entire Clubhouse can host events for up to 400 people.

On Sundays at noon there is a restaurant with an à la carte menu. The dishes include barbecue, pasta, fish, options for vegetarians and celiacs. The restaurant also has entertainment for children, including the pine maze, a real opportunity to have fun with family and friends.

The ranches, increasingly visited by tourists / Estancia Don Silvano

On the other hand, less than three hours by car from La Plata, in the town of Exaltación de la Cruz, is the “Don Silvano” ranch. In the mid-1900s, an immigrant boy of Italian origin named Silvano arrived with his family, who settled in this region of the pampas. Over the years he began working in an employee store and soon went on to set up his own general store. In 1940 he managed to buy several hectares from the Lennon family, who like many other Irish families came to the region and admired the Victorian style, which is reflected in the 1930 house, which is currently the ranch house.

This farm that Don Silvano bought has 380 hectares. Very soon, due to the beauty of the place and how sociable he was, he began to receive friends, but later his friends began to ask him for a place to stay and spend more than a day, and that is when the first two rooms were enabled. in addition to yours. In this way, Don Silvano began with an activity that today is in its fourth consecutive generation. At the end of his life, he transferred the ranch to his son-in-law Santiago, who built two more rooms and a dining room for 200 people, reforming the old stable.

Estancias located in the countryside, an option to visit Guaminí

But when the project really gained momentum was with Carlos, Santiago’s son, who undertook the construction of two more rooms in the hull, a room for 350 people and added another one for 150, turning the stable into a 16-room hotel, for a total of 23 -today there are 25-, all with private bathroom, heating and air conditioning.

Horseback riding, carriages, typical games, swimming, a Gaucho Park (carriage shed, agricultural machinery, wooden pen and adobe ranch with all its characteristics), are combined with a full board scheme and permanent guide. “What is most surprising is that there are so many loose animals in one place (in addition to farm animals we have buffaloes, flamingos, peacocks and swans), that the days are short because there is so much to do,” says Rodrigo Lisiardi, who is at the head of Don Silvano and tells “one anecdote among many: after almost 80 years of activity we have a couple who got married here (with my grandfather’s organization), celebrated their Golden Anniversary (already with my father in charge) and in the wedding of one of his grandchildren, I had to put together his renewal of vows. Growing up with our visitors is the best thing that has ever happened to us.”

Grilled, a classic / Estancia Don Silvano

Of Victorian style, the main house dates back to 1930. It currently has 9 rooms with capacity for 24 guests. All with private bathroom and heating. In its main room, with capacity for 60 people, breakfast is served and there is the television. In the upper part is the games room with a pool table, foosball, ping pong, toad and table entertainment. Visitors are also attracted by the menus: breakfasts with artisan breads, empanadas, asado criollo, afternoon tea with mate cocido with cakes and fried cakes, and other delicacies that come out of the kitchen.


355 kilometers from La Plata, Bolívar has an interesting rural tourism proposal. The “Santa Catalina” ranch, in that town, belongs to Dolores Posadas, who says that “the establishment owes its name to Doña Catalina Berreterreix, who arrived from Spain at the end of the 19th century. Years after her arrival, in 1889, the family mansion was built, and her dedication was absolute to sheep production. Nearby was the Reunion Fortress, a component of the Argentine border line with Wallmapu at the end of the 19th century. The fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the city of Bolívar was celebrated in its facilities in 1928 with a large entourage and nationally renowned celebrities. There, typical country food is offered: roast, empanadas, locros, among others.” Up to six people can be accommodated.

After spending several years and several heirs, he acquires the Emiliano Posadas establishment (current owner for more than two decades). During these years many people have passed by who left experiences that are remembered to this day.

“One of the anecdotes that we appreciated was the surprise visit of Stefano and Isidora, Italian guests. They booked with the idea of ​​spending a day in the country and to our surprise they decided to spend a week with us before returning to their country because it had been one of the most interesting and peaceful places they had known in Argentina. For 5 years they chose this place to spend their vacations, which left us a friendship that lasts to this day”, says Dolores.

In “Santa Catalina” there are guided tours, horseback riding, fauna and flora sighting, hiking. There are grills, Creole demonstrations, visits to unique places to fish, typical foods.

What is most surprising about the place is the atmosphere of peace that is breathed, the tranquility and the history of the humid pampa in all its splendor, the level of personalized attention and the beauty of the place with its large park.

It is the right place to rest immersed in the silence of religious siestas. At the time of mate, you can enjoy traditional fried cakes and country stories will give rise to the imagination at the edge of the stove.

Continuing with the tour, 506 kilometers from La Plata, Guaminí attracts travelers with its lagoon and other beautiful attractions to connect with nature.

Estancia “La Sistina” is located there, an ideal place to rest with a peculiarity that makes it unique: it is on an island, inside the Monte lagoon, like no other in the entire province. The main house is surrounded by nature, dozens of Patagonian maras and other animals such as peacocks walk around. The journey begins with a short but cozy boat ride across the beautiful lagoon. Then you can take a truck safari around the island to admire the exotic and native animals of the place, such as flamingos, serfs and rheas; try kayaking or just take a hike.

Lunchtime is a delight, with top quality dishes. The nights are a separate spectacle, with the moon reflected in the lagoon and the welcoming calm of the place.

The lagoon and its island, great attractions of Guaminí / Estancia La Sistina

Among the activities, there are photographic safaris, bicycle rides, hikes, kayaks, fishing from the coast and boats, water skiing and wakeboarding.

What surprises more? “Definitely what is most surprising is the fauna and its diversity, the animals graze in the garden in front of the house. On the other hand, the landscapes and sunsets are what surprise the most, along with the hotel and the 180° view offered by the living room of the lagoon and the entire eastern sector where the sun rises,” says Juan Emili Vitali, host of La Sistina.

And he adds an anecdote: “A few years ago a Swiss family visited us, after 3 days with us they were fascinated with the place, and the warmth of the attention, when they left I asked them to leave us a comment on social networks, a few days later they had left what I consider to have been the most comforting comment of these 11 years that I have been in the estancia. After recounting their entire experience, they ended the comment saying “La Sistina is the best kept jewel in the Province of Buenos Aires”, every time I remember that phrase it really filled me with pride for the place and the proposal we have”.

In short, operators and promoters from Buenos Aires state that tourists “choose the Province as the main destination in the country to travel and enjoy, due to the diversity and quality of the offer it offers. We have immense landscapes, unmissable delicacies, captivating cities, popular festivities, mystical towns, traditional ranches, huge beaches and other wild ones, lagoons, rivers, the Delta. In each of these places, people find what they were looking for: unmissable experiences, rest with family or friends, unique flavors, fun and culture.”

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