Tourism: uncertainty in travel agencies due to low sales of tour packages

Thursday, August 04, 2022 | 12:45 p.m.

Aerolineas Argentinas made the decision to limit the sale of tickets that start outside the country, this transferred the uncertainty to travel and tourism agencies, which after the measure began to see a decrease in ticket sales and tour packages.

In that sense, from the Misiones Association of Tourism Agencies, they indicated that although the measure taken by Airlines had an impact, the activities were somewhat stagnant due to economic uncertainty and the fluctuation of the dollar.

“The situation is somewhat complicated because we are not sure how the operations are going to be and at the moment tourist packages are not being sold in dollars,” Sandra Lezcano, president of the Association, said in a dialogue with Here we tell you by Radioactive 100.7. Missionary of Tourism Agencies.

“Two weeks ago there was a general stoppage of everything that is sales in international services, but also national ones because everyone is expectant due to the lack of dollars, the agencies were almost three days without operating because we did not have an established exchange”, added the woman .

Regarding the measure taken by Aerolineas Argentinas, Lezcano revealed that it was due to the fact that many people living abroad bought cheap tickets from abroad, but the transactions were made with credit cards in Argentina. This new provision indicates that Airlines will not sell more cheap tickets to Argentines who buy abroad, that is, they will have to travel in classes other than economy.

“Many people from abroad buy tickets for Argentines or family members to fly, so they buy the ticket in the country where they are at the cheapest rate, but that ticket is issued leaving from Argentina, which is what they do not want to happen, because it is very economical for them to broadcast with us here for our change. They buy cheap rates and then pay in pesos in Argentina and that is much cheaper,” he explained, adding, “so what they want to do is for these people who buy abroad to have a differential rate and for the cost to be more higher than economy class fares. Let’s remember that there are different classes on flights and the cheapest fares are obviously the cheapest and fastest to sell.

On the other hand, facing the final stretch of the year and the planning of vacation trips, from the agency they announced that tourists have not yet decided to buy and that they are rather “probing prices” due to the uncertainty of the exchange rate.

“To give an example, only now are the packages for the north of Brazil leaving and that is what they are beginning to consult, people want to see, they are speculating what they are doing, if they are going by car or by plane. The reality is that everything is uncertain, more than anything because the dollar is also fluctuating a lot and that also hurts us because we are in an impasse where one day we have one change and the next day another,” Lezcano said.

On the other hand, they also stated that the companies are waiting for the steps to follow and the new measures for what will be the Pre-trip, since they indicated that there were announcements for registration, but then there was “absolute silence.”

“We are waiting to see what the new measures are going to be, last week we had a very uncertain market due to the fact that we did not have change. There was an early launch with a lot of information from the media, but not from the Ministry of Tourism or the Argentine Federation of Travel Agents”, he closed.

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