towns and restaurants where you can eat very well

From the Eo estuary, on the border with Galicia, to the Deva river, which separates it from Cantabria, the Asturian coast stretches for more than 300 kilometres. Eighteen fishing villages and more than two hundred beaches dot this coastline sculpted by the waves of the Bay of Biscay. A coast that, as is the case with the rest of Asturias, offers magnificent gastronomy in which current cuisine coexists well with another popular one that, as far as seafood is concerned, is based on simple preparations of excellent products from the sea, with less fame than the Galicians but with nothing to envy them.

The western part offers simple restaurants where you can eat really well. The first we find is Vicente House, in Castropol (Avenida de Galicia, s/n. Castropol. 985 635 051), at the bottom of the Eo estuary, with good seafood. You have to get carried away by the recommendations of the day. A few kilometers further, on the charming beach of Porcía, is the best beach bar in Asturias. Goodness (Playa de Porcía, El Franco. 679 590 864) opens from May to October, with beautiful views over the sea and an attractive cuisine based on Asturian products with hints of the East. Continuing to the east, a step away from Cape Ortiguera, located on the port and the Cantabrian Sea, Ferpel (Carretera al Puerto, s/n. Ortiguera, Coaña) is a good option to eat in this area, already close to Galicia, by the hand of Elio Fernández.

We then come to Port of Vegahistoric whaling port, where the Mesón Centro (Plaza de Cupido. 985 64 85 67) and La Marina (Paseo del Muelle) stand out. The first, in the upper part of the town, with a pleasant terrace. Mary Fernández has been able to give new twists to the traditional offer of that fishing town. The second, on the pier, has good local products: very fresh fish, Galician-style octopus or recommended fried squid. A few kilometers away, in the tourist port of Luarca, Sport (Rivero, 9. 985 641 078) is a reference that does not usually fail.

In the central part of Asturias, it is essential to Royal Spa of Salinas (Juan Sitges, 3. Salinas.), one of the great product restaurants in Spain. In the same sand of the beach, with a kitchen of a lot of category. Exceptional raw material, current elaborations, high service and outstanding wine list. Between Avilés and Gijón, on Bañugues beach is one of the few worthwhile rice restaurants in the Principality, Mi Candelita. An old picnic area hanging on the same beach where embers and rice are the protagonists.

The next stage is in Gijón, with a wide range of restaurants and cider houses. Since our tour focuses on the sea, we visit Water (Claudio Alvargonzález, s/n.), a beautiful enclave in the marina. Gonzalo Pañeda, in the kitchen, and his partner Toni Pérez, in charge of the dining room and of a good wine list, value the best product of the land. Also in Gijón, on the second floor of the Aquarium, with views of the port and Poniente beach, is krakenwhere the chef Lara Roguez offers a personal Asturian-Oriental fusion.

We continue along the coast and after a short detour we arrive at bowlsfishing village in whose port there are several places to enjoy the cuisine of the sea. Modest taverns, even uncomfortable, where the quality of the product makes you forget any inconvenience. The one we like the most is El Rompeolas (San Miguel, 21. Tazones. 985 89 70 13), one of the closest to the sea: spider crab or Cantabrian lobster, santiaguiños, fried squid… Not far away, in Lastres, a stop at Euthymius House (San Antonio, s/n.), a good traditional cuisine restaurant to which the young María Busta has given a very important boost. And for popular level cuisine and by the sea, Good views, on the beach of La Griega, in Colunga. Its bean stew, winner of several championships, and its pot of collard greens are essential, as are the fish and shellfish of the day, in simple preparations.

Ribadesella is the most tourist town on the Asturian eastern coast. And its gastronomic offer is up to par. On Vega beach, on the outskirts of the town, Gueyu Sea (Playa de Vega, 84), is one of the few steak houses that breaks the hegemony of the Basques when it comes to grilled fish and shellfish. Abel Álvarez handles on the grills an exceptional product that comes mostly from the Bay of Biscay. Fish and shellfish that he cooks on the grill with elaborate techniques. In the beautiful hotel Villa Rosario, on the beachfront of Ribadesella, to a woman (Dionisio Ruisánchez, 6) is a brand new Michelin star with technical and tasty cuisine. Next to the beach, in a somewhat hidden place, is fifteen knots (Avelina Cerra, 6), where Bruno Lombán prepares some of the best rice dishes that can be eaten in Asturias. But there is much more, with a fresh and well-resolved cuisine. We finish our coastal route in Celoriovery close to Llanes. In Castru el Gaiteru (Ería de la Vega, s / n.) Pedro Noriega has focused his line of work mainly on embers, which he handles with success.

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