Toyota T-Bike: this is the electric bicycle that the Japanese brand launched on the market

Within the framework of a change of era for the business world, in which prioritize sustainability standards that were previously in the background, and in which the purchase of a car is no longer the passport to adulthood, more and more car companies are exploring alternative mobility solutions. It is in this context, the bicycle adds followers when choosing how to get from one place to another.

Although at a global level there are already several brands that have ventured into the e-bike market -among them Audi, Peugeot, Smart, BMW, Ford and Skoda-, in Argentina it was Toyota which opened this niche with its new T-Bike. The automaker’s line of electric bikes was created in partnership with energy citya Mendoza startup dedicated to the design and production of electric mobility solutions.

From Toyota they assure that the premiere of the e-bike national industry It is the first milestone, but not the last, of the brand’s relationship with the world of micromobility. “For a brand like Toyota to enter this market is a very important step for promote electric mobility in Argentina”he claimed nelson negretti, co-founder of energy.

The T-Bike is an electric mountain bike designed both for him transfer in the city, as for the exercise open air and has five levels of support that allow it to have stability for speed on the urban plain, and the agility and resistance necessary for climbs and more rustic terrain, off-road.

In addition, it has a 36v lithium-ion battery with a 1000 cycle lifeequivalent to four or five yearsdepending on the use that is given to it and reaches a autonomy of 70 kilometersand its intelligent charger with automatic cut-off completes the full charge in six hours.

In addition, it incorporates a 350W Brushless electric motor, hydraulic disc brake and transmission Shimano, Full LCD screen with consumption and autonomy guide, latest generation suspension with remote locking and 29″ tubeless tires.

Both the high-strength steel frame and its battery are produced in Argentina. Although its electronic components do not require maintenance, it is recommended to carry out a maintenance service at 1000 km, enabled at any official Toyota dealer.

Bicycles were already a reality for automakers’ new businesses, but Toyota won the top spot for electric bikes.

Available in color black or redT-Bikes are marketed through the 90 points of sale of the 42 official dealers of the brand, at a price of $377,952.

The T-Bike was designed to solve urban mobility, but also to serve on all types of terrain.
The T-Bike was designed to solve urban mobility, but also to serve on all types of terrain.LEONARDO FURIO

With the objective of expand and make more flexible its offer of products and services to respond to new needs, the T-Bikes will also be available for your Temporary rental within the app to shareToyota’s mobility division.

“T-Bikes are a new way of approaching our customers. and they are one proof of how we are thinking about the future of mobility in Argentina”, he finished Bernardo Fernández Paz, Director of Customer Service at Toyota.

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