Travel agencies plan options to Brazil and local tourism

Monday, September 05, 2022 | 1:00 a.m.

The last part of the year starts with expectations for the travel agency sector. On the one hand, waiting for further definitions of the implementation of the Previaje 3 promotion program for the low season, which is estimated for the months of October and November. On the other hand, with the preparations for the summer season, with the aim of maintaining the levels recorded last year.

One of the main features for the summer is the reopening of the border and the lower health requirements for travel due to the pandemic. In this sense, the companies began to register the first queries to vacation in Brazil. Although there are no official prices yet, which they estimate would be defined in the coming days, progress is being made with the planning of the busiest months for the tourism sector.

At the same time, the agencies work to continue promoting tourist movement throughout the province, after the growing demand registered by attractions and hotels since the start of the year, with occupancy peaks that reached 100% during the last summer holidays. winter, hoping to maintain the same levels once the months of December and January and February of next year arrive.

complete preparation

Although there are a few months to go before the official start of the summer season, the agencies are working on preparing packages to offer clients for the busiest months.

On this point Sandra Lezcano, head of the Missionary Association of Tourism Agencies (Amat), told El Territorio that for a few weeks many of the agencies have been registering queries by destinations and prices for the last month of the year and the first of 2023 .

“More than anything, we are seeing that there are consultations for Brazil, which is a destination chosen by the missionaries. There is demand for the South zone, specifically for destinations in Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sur, Itapema, Meia Praia; now there are also consultations in the Brazilian North”, he said in this regard.

He considered that this time there will be a greater flow to Brazilian beaches due to the relaxation of sanitary measures around the Covid-19 pandemic, especially with the elimination of the request for PCR and the affidavit that was requested in the admissions to the country as well as in the passage to Brazil, a fact that discouraged the movement in the past summer season.

“Prices are consulted a lot, especially to make comparisons, for example, with Mar del Plata,” commented Lezcano, who added that it is expected that in the next few days a price list of Brazilian destinations will be completed.

For her part, Beatriz Franco, from the Batia tourism agency, pointed out that “they are thinking about the summer, with concern on the part of the people who are trying to see the options. We missionaries insist on vacationing in Brazil, but there is still no confirmation from the South of Brazil, such as Camboriú, regarding rates,” he said, although he specified that “there are confirmations for air travel to São Paulo, Fortaleza and Natal, which do already have price”.

In dialogue with Acá te lo te lo te por Radioactiva 100.7, he indicated that beyond the fact that there are queries from the clientele, he estimates that for the coming weeks the demand and the closing of packages for the summer will intensify, both due to the price details that there will also be because many of the operations take place closer to the summer date, towards the end of the year.

Waiting for the preview

In recent days, the national government confirmed the third edition of the Previaje program, which offers refunds for trips made within Argentine territory. Although it was known that there was an agreement with the hoteliers for maximum prices in the low season, there are still no details on when the new edition of the initiative that mobilized millions of tourists throughout the country last year and in the coming year will operate. last winter.

On this point, Lezcano, from Amat, specified: “There was a good injection with the Previaje, with months of a lot of movement. In recent months there have been many people making inquiries about when the program is going to come out and what its characteristics will be, that now it will have a different refund cap than in previous editions.”

He considered key the precision on the validity of the program and that “from there there will surely be many operations to travel within the country.”

He indicated that in this context “there are many queries from people from Buenos Aires for accommodation, especially for Iguazú, although work is also being done to offer other destinations in the province within the framework of internal tourism.”

He stated that for this destination as for others in the red land, “towards November and December there will be a lot of movement.”

Meanwhile, Franco, from Batia, stated that “the Pre-Trip is anxiously awaited, waiting for a start date and for authorization so that passengers can start shopping, but there is still none.”

He pointed out that the prices are different and that certainties are awaited about the date that the program will last, which this time aims to generate more tourist traffic in different parts of the country in the middle of the low season.

On the other hand, he commented while waiting for the announcement, “we are in full planning for the high season, offering the entire Argentine destination. In the case of Misiones, with Iguazú, with Moconá and with alternatives of visits in different falls and lodges for the missionary public and from all over the country. There is a lot of interest in visiting the province and what we are doing is preparing to sell the destination”.

At the same time, he said: “We continue to promote the North of Argentina, that we have a departure in the next few days, but the Pre-Trip is still being considered so that people can start closing trips throughout the country in the months of October and November The country has a large market and there is interest in touring the country”.

At another point, Franco made a reflection on how trips are made lately. “People take long drives and miss the idea or the prospect of a group outing. People demand one or two nights within the province, so we must insist not only on group trips, but also on people being encouraged to travel more days, three or four days, thinking about long weekends and Above all, continue promoting local tourism that needs and demands it,” he stressed.

Refund of up to 70,000 pesos

While awaiting the full launch of the Previaje program to promote tourist movement in the low season in all destinations in the country, details of how the third edition of the program of the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation will work have been revealed in recent days.

One of the main points is that it can be used in the months of October and November and will contemplate, again, the return in credit of 50% of the amounts paid in companies, establishments and services attached to the program, with a maximum return in this case of up to 70,000 pesos per person. In addition, the returned amount will have a shorter usage time, since it can be used until the end of 2022.

A series of controls will also be added in this edition by the Ministry of Commerce to avoid “price abuses”. In fact, the portfolio led by Matías Tombolini signed an agreement with entities in the hotel sector to set maximum rates in the accommodations that participate in the program.

Likewise, it was indicated that the benefit by which retirees can access a credit return greater than 70% will be maintained. It was also reported that on this occasion all destinations within Argentina for tourism will be incorporated into its list of providers. “You will be able to travel to all places, beyond whether they are main or emerging destinations,” it was specified.

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